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Items to never put in your Boca Raton storage unit

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Are you looking to rent a storage unit? Great! Whether you are relocating, packing items, decluttering, or renovating your home, you might find yourself in need of additional space, and storage units are excellent for this. However, when it comes to storage, there are some items to never put in your Boca Raton storage unit. In this article, we are going to cover the things you should never put inside a storage unit as well as the importance of finding reliable units through experienced and trusted moving and storage professionals such as New Leaf Moving Group. Let’s take a closer look.

Flammable and toxic items

Dangerous materials such as items that can burn, explode, leak, and so on should never be put inside storage units. Hazardous and combustible materials cannot be stored inside storage units and should be handled differently and with trained professionals. Some of the materials that belong to this list are:

  • chemicals,
  • acids,
  • gases,
  • fireworks,
  • explosives.

Notify your local movers Boynton Beach FL on time if you have any of these items that you need to move or store away.

toxic items never to put in your Boca Raton storage unit
Some of the items to never put in your Boca Raton storage unit are flammable and toxic materials.

Plants and animals

Living creatures are not allowed inside storage units. Therefore, if you have any pets or plants, never put them inside a storage unit. Storage units simply cannot provide the essentials that pets and plants need in order to survive. If you are moving with a pet, consider leaving it with a trained professional, family member, or a trusted friend. The same goes for plants as they will not be allowed in storage units. Relocate and store away the rest of your regular household inventory safely by getting some professional moving services Boynton Beach has to offer.

Food and perishables

Storage units are not pantry and cannot be used as such. Different foods and perishables can attract many insects, and pests, and also rot after a certain time. So, these kinds of items should not be put inside storage units and are prohibited.

Irreplaceable items and personal documents

Although many items can be safely stored inside storage units, there are certain personal items, such as documents and unique jewelry are some of the items most storage facilities in Boynton Beach do not allow. Documents like passports, birth certificates, or family photos are safest when they are somewhere next to you, even during a relocation.

Documents on a table
Personal documents and irreplaceable items should not be stored inside storage units.

Weirdest items found in self-storage units

Of course, these are the most common banned items people try to store. The complete list, however, is much longer. Now, you might think that these rules are too much and that there isn’t any true reason for them to exist. However, when you look at the weirdest items people store in their self-storage units you will be amazed to learn that some people are ready to go above and beyond in order to bend those rules. Here are some of the strangest items ever found in storage facilities:

  • An electric chair
  • Cans of cockroaches
  • Deadly snakes
  • James Bond’s Lotus Esprit submarine
  • Amputated leg
  • $1M Nicolas Cage’s stolen superman comic
  • Urns of ashes
  • Guy Fieri’s stolen Lamborghini
  • NASA Rocket and Countdown Clock

Store away your belongings with trusted professionals

When it comes to moving and storage, it is a must to have reliable professionals by your side in order to do it properly and stress-free. Make sure you go through a step-by-step moving day checklist and prepare yourself for the relocation on time. When it comes to the storage itself, as you can see, there are definitely quite a few items to never put in your Boca Raton storage unit. Follow these tips and the rest of your household inventory will be safe until you can use it again.

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