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Interesting March activities to try in New York after moving from Florida

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    You have decided on moving from Florida to New York and with such a big change, great moving logistics are required. You will pack, find movers, work on your budget, and cover legalities no doubt. But will you adapt and settle in right away? That is the real question. So, the best way to learn more about NYC, customs, history, and meet locals is to attend one of the March activities to try in New York. Let’s take a look.

    Begin your journey at the Bryant’s Park Winter Village

    After your New Leaf Moving Group Florida company drops you off at the final destination, you will take a few days to settle in. But then you must go out and hit the city to avoid homesickness, depression, and moving anxiety. And we strongly advise you to chase the events that are tied to the month of March because they are time-limited. Yes, Broadway shows and NBA games are there throughout the year and they are amazing. But Macy’s Flower Show, Orchid Show at Botanical Garden, St. Patrick’s Day, and March boat cruises are here and now. Therefore, let us start with a visit to Bryant Park and the Winter Village.

    Bryant Park skate rink
    Winter Village at Bryant Park is something you shouldn’t miss.

    Even if this event begins at the end of October, it closes in January right after New Year’s Eve. Luckily, it re-opens in March so everyone can catch the late snow and feel the seasonal spirit again. Locals and tourists alike come here to breathe in the European vibe, stores, food, and customs. You can find hundreds of beverages and dishes from all over the world. Of course, the skating rink at Bryant Park is the most popular one in NYC so you can have a ton of fun with the entire family. So, come here and enjoy the Christmas market, spirit, and have a lovely experience with your family. It is one of the March activities to try in New York and it is there for a short time. Check the schedule and do not miss out on this one.

    Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is one of the March activities to try in New York for sure

    One of the March activities to try in New York is St. Patrick’s Day. It is the national holiday of Irish people followed by a 1 million strong parade throughout the city. Come and join the spectacle. But do not be surprised by the jolly spirit they spread and all the green color throughout the city. This is one of the oldest parades and customs and we strongly advise you to check it out. At least take a glance from the side if you do not wish to enter the crowd. But to be there on time, you must coordinate everything with one of the best interstate moving companies Florida. Create a plan and ensure you are there on March 17th. The parade begins at 11 am sharp in front of the St. Patrick Cathedral.

    Visiting Soho, Little Italy and Chinatown is another among March activities to try in New York

    There are many neighborhoods in New York but the most popular ones are SoHo, Chinatown, and Little Italy. You should book a tour and learn more about the architecture history, customs, and eat some of the best food in the world. Moreover, this 2-hour ride will give you the opportunity to take a glance at many interesting local and unique stores you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else in NYC. You can shop right there on the spot or come back later once you get to know the city and settle in.

    Little Italy neighborhood
    We can’t say which one is better. You’ll have to visit all three and decide for yourself. Start with Little Italy!

    Be there on time for a National Meatball Day

    Maybe it doesn’t sound cool and interesting to younger generations but National Meatball Day is a pretty big deal for Americans. It is an American family dish for ages and it is celebrated widely throughout the country. Even if the origins and the idea of a meatball came from Persia through Italians and into the USA it became one of the most popular family dishes on the continent. Therefore, you should consider giving it praise at one of the best places. In Little Italy, you will find several restaurants where you can have extraordinary meatballs. Make a choice and go for it.

    Now you have a few March activities to try in New York. Remember, New York can be quite cold and windy at this time of year. Whatever you choose to visit or participate in, make sure to dress appropriately. So, leave the seasonal clothing out before you pack and let your local movers Boynton Beach FL load everything into the truck. You are moving from Florida after all, you should come prepared. Good luck!

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