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Interesting Facts About Chicago You Didn’t Know

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Chicago is the capital of Illinois and the biggest city in the state. It is home to 2,699 million people, and one of the best places in the state. In an urban area like this, most people rent their homes, more precisely 55% of the population. There are many young professionals and families with kids in this city, showing that it is a universal place with something for anyone. The median household income is $62,000, around $3000 lower than the national average. The housing costs go along with this, with an average home value of $267,000 and rent starting at $1,150 a month. But now that you hired some of our expert South Florida movers, it is time to learn some interesting facts about Chicago.

One of the Most Famous Treats Is Created in Chicago

There is rarely a person in the USA who hasn’t tried or at least heard of the famous Twinkies. The legendary golden sponge cake with a creamy filling was invented in Chicago by James Dewar. He wasn’t even a baker, but a manager of a big company. Since its invention in 1930, this staple junk food conquered the hearts of people of all ages. Now that you are moving to Illinois with the help of some interstate moving companies Florida, does it make you like the Twinkies even more?

Picture of a Twinkie
The delicious sweet originates from Chicago

The First Open Heart Surgery Was Done in Chicago

The already famous Northwestern University graduate Daniel Hale Williams performed the first surgery on an open heart. This happened in 1983, which was a real medical breakthrough at that time. To make things better, the patient was able to recover from the surgery in less than two months. This university is still highly ranked as number 10 from 443 National Universities. Some other high-quality schools in the area are:

  • Payton College Preparatory High School
  • Proviso Math and Science Academy
  • Lane Technical High School

If you or your kids plan to pursue a career in medicine, moving to Chicago from Florida will be worth it.

The Chicago River is an Attraction by Itself

This river used to be a normal river until sanitary problems started occurring in 1887 after a weather event threatened the city’s water supply. Thanks to the reversal technique used, engineers made the river flow backward and away from Lake Michigan.

Green River

First dyed in 1956, this has become a tradition during St. Patrick’s Day. The special recipe used fades after some time, and the inventors claim that it is environmentally friendly. If you happen to have opted for some moving services Boynton Beach offers during this time, you will get to see this attraction in person.

The Name of the City Has Something to Do With Onions

The native American word “Shikako” meaning “skunk place” is believed to be the origin of Chicagos’ name. Wild onions and garlic used to grow along the Chicago river, giving off the characteristic smell of these plants. Even though the wild varieties of these plants are gone from this area, the name still sticks!

Picture of onions on a wooden surface
One of the interesting facts about Chicago is the origin of its name

The interesting facts about Chicago will make you love the city even more

As interesting and famous as the Windy City is, you can never learn enough interesting facts about Chicago. Once you become its resident, you will see what the hype is about, and you will experience its unique vibe in person!

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