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It can be an emotionally exhausting task to tell your loved ones about your decision to relocate. Informing people about your move should take some preparation. You don’t want to leave people unnotified about such a big decision. It’s not just your loved ones who should know about the move in advance. You might have clients or business associates who should be aware that you won’t be so available anymore. Be sure to let everyone know about it in a proper manner. Let us help you avoid common mistakes with a few tips from this guide.

Tell people about your move  in stages

People’s personalities are different on an individual level. Some people can take the news about moving to Chicago from Florida without much emotional impact. They can be rational, not attached to you, and they are usually your business partners and acquaintances. Be careful when telling people about your move if they are your close friends or family. If you have a few months or weeks, do it gradually. The first time you mention it you can say that it’s just an idea. A few weeks or days later, you can say it is a valid option. In the end, when they already know about your plans, you can openly inform people about your move.

A family is having a brunch in the kitchen.
When it comes to family and close friends, informing people about your move should be done slowly and with a lot of care.

Talk to your employer and coworkers

If you were being transferred to another office or branch using moving services Boynton Beach movers can provide, there is no need to talk to your boss. However, you should still talk to your coworkers. Informing people about your move will be appreciated. They probably spent a lot of time working with you and would love to wish you good luck before you go. However, if you are moving to a different company, notify your boss as well. You shouldn’t just disappear one day. The company can’t sue you for such behavior but you should inform yourself about what kind of status you are in if you quit suddenly.

Inform your landlord

If you have your own place, this is a step you should skip. However, if you are renting an apartment or a house, tell your landlord. Inform him about your move with some of the best moving companies Palm Beach County can offer in advance so he can put up an ad and find a new tenant for after you move out so they don’t lose money. You will show them manners and they will surely appreciate it. Maybe you had a good relationship with your landlord and they can write a recommendation for you if you think it could help in finding a new place.

People are sitting at a business meeting table and discussing stuff.
Informing your boss and colleagues on time is pure decency they will appreciate.

Informing services about your move is also important

Who else should be notified about your move with New Leaf Moving Group Florida? Let’s see a few examples:

  • Post Office
  • Utility Companies
  • Insurance Companies and Banks
  • Medical Institutions
  • IRS
  • Car Insurance Company

The truth is, changing the address process takes a lot of time, and informing people about your long distance moving to Florida can really help you out in the long run. You will avoid past due bills, missing mail, and many other problems.

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