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Important tasks to do before moving your business out of state

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Moving your business to a new state isn’t like moving your house, as there are many crucial things to consider. The one thing you should pay most attention to is legal concerns when moving your business or office. So many things come into play, such as the type of business you own, number of employees, laws in both states… However, things aren’t so bad. Moving your business to a new state should be just as simple as starting it in the first place. As long as you wrap up the old business in an organized way and hire good South Florida movers, you’re good to go. So, let’s see what are some important tasks to do before moving your business out of state. You might feel overwhelmed and stressed, but don’t worry: your move will be smooth sailing as long as you follow our moving tips.

Why should you move your business and why is it so complicated?

There are many reasons why business owners think of relocating their business to another state. Maybe the target market has changed economically, demographically, or both ways. Perhaps the cost of real estate and property taxes have risen so much that their business is at risk. Sometimes, the state the business is in becomes less business-friendly, enforcing higher business taxes and more regulations. Other states may have such tax incentives that would benefit the owner’s business. Sometimes, it’s because of family reasons, like school access, spousal job opportunities, or moving closer to extended family. It’s different for everyone, really, but the only thing every business owner in Florida has in common is the need for corporate relocation companies Florida can rely on.

people doing Important Tasks to Do Before Moving Your Business out of State
Moving a business is no easy task as there are many things you have to consider and finish.

Your move and its legal aspects will have different aspects depending on the type of business you own. There are specific steps and legal procedures to follow for each business type. Your business is very likely one of the following types:

  • a sole proprietorship,

  • a partnership,

  • a corporation, or

  • an LLC (Limited Liability Company)

New Leaf Moving Group Florida is a moving company, however, and we specialize in moving, moving tips, and advice. For additional help with the legal process of moving your business, reading online articles can be of help. If you want to make sure that you’re doing things right, before you hire movers, you can also discuss your situation with an attorney.

Do the following tasks before moving your business out of state for peace of mind

Although the two are kind of similar, moving a business and moving home are not the same. The biggest difference is that, when moving your business, other people depend on you, too. When you plan a corporate move, you’re thinking not only for yourself but for your employees and your business as a whole. So, what should be done before the move to ensure that your business is operational during and after the move itself? Here are some ideas:

woman doing paperwork
You’ll have a lot of paperwork to do before you move your business, but it’ll pay off in the long run.
  • Announce the relocation on time: don’t surprise your employees! Business relocation rarely just affects the employees: it affects their family members as well. They’ll need some time to think and plan their future before the move.
  • Consider your moving budget and start looking for a new office location. You want your new office to be easily accessed by your employees. Also, make sure to consider the commercial lease’s T&C before signing it.
  • Speaking of announcements, don’t leave your patrons in the dark: tell your clients you’re moving. Inform them via social media or a circular letter/mail.
  • Make sure to cancel utilities and internet services in the old location, but also have everything set up for when you’re done moving. You want to get back to business as soon as possible, so it’s best to have your new office space set up and ready.
  • Don’t forget to notify the IRS of your address change!
  • One last thing to keep in mind is to get good business insurance from a reliable provider. Make sure your business and employees’ belongings are insured.

Corporate moving from Florida to Seattle is a great endeavor, but with New Leaf Moving Group, it can become easy. 

Moving a business isn’t all about paperwork though

The one last important thing you should do in order to move your business is to hire reputable movers. There are many interstate moving companies Florida business owners hire to relocate their offices, but you won’t make a mistake if you choose us. Why is hiring a moving company a good idea? For starters, with licensed movers, you can get insurance for your equipment. A moving company will have many different moving services to offer which can help make your business move easy. For example, if you use our company’s packing services, all of the clunky and delicate items you’re afraid to pack on your own will be wrapped and secured with the best packing materials. You can, however, ask your employees to pack their tables and documents in boxes. Our office movers do the hauling and loading. All in all, you won’t make a mistake if you hire movers.

man and woman packing their office
When moving your business out of state, hiring movers can be quite helpful.

So, what have we learned about important tasks to do before moving your business out of state today? We learned that you should sort out all of the legal concerns and papers right off the bat. After that comes the search for the new office space and breaking the news to your employees, as well as planning the future of your business. Regulating utilities and setting up the new office is up next on the list, and last but not least, hiring New Leaf Moving Group to move your office out of state. That’s right, if you contact us, we can start planning your corporate move today!

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