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How to spot moving scams in Florida

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You decided on relocating to Boca Raton and there are many moving steps for you to cover. Of course, you will organize and pack, but what about the moving company? Having a reliable one by your side is the key to a successful move. And to find one is easy, as long as you know how to spot moving scams and make the right choice. Hence, let us do just that. We will help you find a legit and trustworthy moving team.

A few basic ways to spot moving scams

Before you can find a list of reliable long distance moving companies in Florida, you must learn how to spot moving scams. Check out the list of important requirements your movers should have and narrow your search down. If your movers lack one of these, you should avoid them. Consider the following:

  • Website – You should find their website with a logo of the company, physical address, and contact details displayed.
  • Permits – Your moving company should be legit with all the licenses and permits to operate.
  • Tools and equipment – Ask your movers if they have all the means to undertake this job.
  • Moving vehicle – A spacious moving truck in a good condition is something you want. Ensure your movers have it.
  • Moving services – Compare moving services across the board. There is no service that is so good or bad that the price of it varies significantly. Moving services in the same categories should have similar prices with all companies.
spot moving scams by inspecting your movers equipment
Your movers should have all the equipment, tools, manpower, and a vehicle for the job.

Follow these criteria when browsing online and you will find yourself a moving company you can trust.

Check the moving service they offer

As we already said, moving companies in South Florida offer a plethora of moving services. But not all are good, or should we say, some are obsolete entirely. Your moving project is similar to any other but still unique in a way. Therefore, you will need certain moving services for sure. But if your movers try to make your purchase a few more you do not need, you should think twice.

You can spot moving scams by reading moving reviews

You should read moving reviews to figure out if your movers are following safety protocols. Also, you will acknowledge how they treat their customers. Surely, you’ll find enough comments to confirm the legitimacy of your moving team. Although, there is always a chance that a moving representative will handle your belongings poorly. If this happens, you will have enough time to make claims and get reimbursed for the damages. And you can always purchase moving insurance and stop thinking about this topic.

A woman and a man reading moving reviews
Read moving reviews. You will learn a lot about your moving company.

Payment method

How you pay for the whole deal is important as well. If your movers ask for a cash payment or more than a 20% deposit, it is a red flag right there. Deposit is important because if you are moving from Florida to Seattle and you purchased many moving services, your final bill can be hefty. Having a long-distance relocation on your hands is stressful enough, and it shouldn’t end with a moving scam. So, we recommend paying with a credit card only. It will leave a trace and you can always get a refund in case of damages or moving mishaps. At least you will have proof that you overpaid for a service.

Ok, now you know how to spot moving scams and find reliable movers. More importantly, you know how to inspect and avoid sketchy ones. It will come in handy for many situations in life, not just for your moving endeavor. Now, start browsing and find yourself the moving team you deserve. Good luck!

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