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How to prepare your furniture for long-term storage

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Each time you move, you will get rid of some of the old items and introduce new ones to your environment. Besides decluttering process, you must organize the whole relocation, pack, and find movers to help you with moving to Boca Raton. But if you do not want to downsize at all and you decide don renting a storage space to keep everything, you must pack it all in the right way. Therefore, we bring a small guide on how to prepare your furniture for long-term storage. Let’s cover this one together.

Figure out the best way to relocate first

Firstly, you must inspect your entire home and figure out how hard it can be. This way you will note down all the furniture and belongings you have. Also, you’ll know how many packing materials you must obtain. And while doing it, you should note everything down on your moving checklist to keep up with the real state of things. Moreover, while noting everything down, create a category of furniture and other items that will go straight to the storage. Know that you must do this before you contact your movers Boynton Beach because they need the basic info. With the info you provided, they will organize better and calculate your moving costs precisely.

Two movers inside a truck trying to prepare your furniture for long-term storage
Hire a professional moving team to relocate your belongings safely.

Once you have everything on your list, start looking for the right movers South Florida. Find them online and browse through reviews, services, and prices. Compare mover across the board and in a matter of minutes, you’ll find a match. Give them a call when ready and confirm they are licensed with all tools and equipment required. Wrap up your relocation plan and start packing for moving and storing.

Inspect and prepare your furniture for long-term storage

As we said before, you must inspect all your furniture. This way you will sort them out into categories to those that will go into your new apartment and the ones that will go to the storage unit. In the meantime, figure out what is broken, outdated, ready for repair, or replaceable. Maybe some of those pieces can be sold, donated, or simply thrown away. You will decide what is the best solution for you. Inspect and prepare your furniture for long-term storage before you start packing.

a man in storage
Inspect your items and the storage facility

Packing materials to use

By now you already know how many packing supplies you need. You are moving from Florida to New York and such a project requires a carefully laid out plan. You do not want to run out of materials in the middle of the process. Therefore, we will quickly list down all the basic ones you need for this occasion. Obtain the following:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Cushion
  • Labels

Now, you can obtain everything at the nearest home depot or purchase from your movers. Whatever is most convenient. You can use cardboard boxes for smaller pieces or simple flat cardboard to wrap individual pieces. Bigger pieces of furniture you should wrap in bubble wrap and secure with packing tape. Ensure to label all your furniture and boxes as well. Also, you should clean everything to adequately prepare your furniture for storage.

Prepare your items for long-term storage but remember to make an inventory list as well

As you already have a labeling system in place, you should match it with your inventory list. This way you won’t lose track of what is in your storage unit and what to expect to be delivered at your new address. So, create an inventory list as you go, and feel free to add all relevant information to it. You’ll need it later for sure.

Now you know how to prepare your furniture for long-term storage. You are packing for moving already so this one shouldn’t be hard at all. Just remember to protect the whole batch adequately and cover it with a tarp or a sheet. This way you’ll keep the dust and moisture out of the way. It would be even better if you rent a climate-controlled storage unit and rest assured your items will stay intact. Good luck.

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