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How to pest-proof your storage unit

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When it comes to the process of relocation, one thing is sure. Storage units are often used during a move. So, with that being said, you have to know how to pest-proof your storage unit if you want to keep your items properly protected. If you are thinking about renting a storage unit during your long distance moving Florida, in this article, we are going to show you how to pest-proof it properly. Sometimes, an infestation can go undetected and originate from a different storage unit. For this reason, we are going to provide you with several different ways in which you can combat pests in your storage.

Pest-proofing your storage unit

No foods in the storage unit

If there is one item that the pests are going to be particularly attracted to, it is going to be food. If you have the option to not store various foods in your storage, then do not do it. Food can attract different rodents and insects. Moreover, your food can also spoil if it is left in a storage unit for too long. Additionally, make sure you check your items such as kitchen appliances, etc. for food leftovers before putting them in a storage unit. There really is no proper way to pest-proof your storage if it is going to be filled with food. So, the best thing to do when moving to Chicago from Florida is to not store food in your storage.

Food in containers
Pest-proof your storage unit by not storing any food inside it.

Use the right containers

When you rent a storage unit, you cannot just simply put items inside it. These items need to be in the right containers and packages. Cardboard boxes are fine, however, they do attract some insects and rodents. The best alternative is plastic containers of various sizes depending on the size of your stored inventory. Sealed plastic containers and plastic bins take up less space.

Get pest deterrents

As we have mentioned already, there are multiple ways to combat pests in storage. Even if you did not store any food and have done everything in your power to properly pack your items, pests can still come from another storage unit. This is why it is important to use pest deterrents. Cotton balls that are soaked in peppermint oil or lavender oil are natural pest deterrents. Of course, mouse and rat traps are always in use. Conventional bug sprays can also be used for your storage unit.

Use pallets

Your items should not be low to the ground inside a storage unit. No matter how well-kept it is, you should always slightly raise your items in a storage unit. Use wooden pallets to slightly raise your packed inventory. Always hire reliable South Florida movers when planning on putting items inside a storage unit.

talking about how to pest-proof your storage unit
Get wooden pallets for your inventory to raise it from the floor.

Maintain your storage unit

The storage unit needs to be properly maintained. This is especially the case if you plan to leave some of your valuable items inside a storage unit for longer periods of time. Visit your storage unit frequently and make sure you know your Florida storage maintenance checklist.

To sum up

There are multiple ways to pest-proof your storage unit. Begin with the easy stuff such as not packing foods inside a storage unit. Take measures to protect the rest of your inventory by using plastic containers, pest deterrents, and raise your packet items with pallets. Remember to hire professional movers that offer south Florida relocation services when moving long-distance and using storage.

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