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How to pack your plants for moving cross country

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Are you looking for ways to pack your plants for moving cross country? Long-distance moves are complicated without having to move with plants and pets. New Leaf Moving Group has decided to share a few tips to make your plant moving a bit easier. Plants are sensitive to climate change and they are easily affected by moving. The best solution for your plants would be to leave them at the town by gifting them to a friend or family member. If you’re prepared to take extra responsibility and bring a plant with you, read our guide on plant packing below!

Are you sure you can move your plants?

If you’re moving long-distance, for example moving to Texas from Florida, you may encounter problems. Many companies avoid moving plants long-distance, so make sure that you call the company and ask them directly. If you’re going with the movers, and don’t have your own car, then you might not be able to take the plants with you. Even if you could, they may not be able to survive the road.

woman reading among plants
Educate yourself about whether your plants will bear the move well.

Check the experiences of other people before signing the contract. You can read reviews and call the company themselves. Ask them about the plant policy. If you have the means, take the plants with you by car. That way you can control the air conditioner and make sure that they don’t get damaged mechanically. 

Inform yourself before you pack your plants for moving

Make sure that the plants that you’re about to relocate can handle the relocation. Is the place where you’ll be living well for them? Does it have the right conditions that can meet their needs? Knowing whether they’ll be fine at the new location or not depends on the knowledge of the plant itself. Try to educate yourself on the matter as much as possible before moving the plant. Sudden environmental changes can be deadly for some of them.

Packing list of necessities

Packing services Florida based are more than willing to help with packing the plants. This is the list of necessities that you’ll need to pack your plants for moving: 

  • Pots
  • Soil
  • Fertilizer 
  • Additional minerals 

Write your own list down to have everything in one place.

How to pack your plants for moving

A few days before the day of the move make sure that your plants are getting all the necessary nutrients. Keep them well watered and “fed” a few days prior to a move, but don’t water them on a moving day. The day of the move, if you haven’t already, add the support stick to prevent them from breaking.

couple writing a list
Writing a list will help you keep track of the necessities as well as finances.

To keep the leaves safe, take a hard-to-deform paper or plant cones, and create the protection around the pot and the plant itself. Don’t forget to tie the plant to the support stick so it’s movement is minimized. When you’ve done everything you can to secure them, put them in the box. Fill the space that’s left with the styrofoam and the paper. This will prevent the pot from moving around the box. 

Try to avoid packing the plants in the trunk

If you have enough place to put the plants in the back of your seat, that would be ideal. Putting the plants in the trunk will prevent the sun from reaching them. It’s also much hotter in the trunk, which may lead to many different reactions in plants. When driving a plant, place the box with a plant behind the driver’s seat.

If you can, place it between the seating cushion and the opposing seat. If it’s too big, you can place it on a seat and tie it with a safety belt. Those two options will minimize moving without keeping plants without sun and fresh oxygen. Try to keep the temperature constant as much as you can during the move.

How to pack your plants for moving if they grow in the garden

Are there plants that you just love, but they’re growing outside? They’re too bulky or perhaps the landlord doesn’t allow you to take the plant with you? Take a cutting. Place the cutting into a vial or floral tubes which you should fill with water. When you find yourself at the new location one of the first things you want to do is to give your cuttings a new home. You will need pots for them when they grow up a bit, so bring them with you from the old place if you have some. 

After move care

The first thing that you want to do when you arrive is to take your plants out. It will allow them to get fresh air and sun. Give them a few days of rest and frequent watering before replanting them. Once you see that they’re okay, you can find them a place in your new apartment. Up until then, make sure to monitor their leaves, soil, and tree (if they have one) every day. Look for discoloration, color change, spots, and texture changes. 

plants and a person
Give your plants a few days of rest and frequent watering before replanting them.

Hire a professional moving company

If you’re looking for ways to keep your plants alive, don’t hesitate to contact interstate moving companies Florida. We are more than ready to give you advice on plant moving and to try to arrange a deal with you. If you’re not sure whether you’d like any services, you can always get a free quote and see where you’re at. Whatever you choose, make sure that it’s in the best interest of your plants. Moving plants cross country requires that you pack your plants for moving meticulously. Our movers are trained professionals who will pack your plants to the best of their abilities. Are you ready to have your plants moved without inconveniences? If so, don’t hesitate to give us a call!  

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