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How to pack your king size bed before moving from Florida

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    Moving your bedroom is something you need to do with some skill and patience. And if you are about to pack your king size bed before moving, then you have to approach this with proper tools and knowledge. There are two ways to do this, and combining them is the key to a successful move. First, get the help of good movers FL, and before they arrive, you can prepare your king size bed for the move. Follow our guidelines and you will know how to do it.

    Pack your king size bed with proper tools

    What you need to have in mind is that king size bed is not easy to move, and you would want to try to disassemble it. And if you want to do this, you need to get proper tools to avoid any damages. What you need to get are tools that are laced with rubber. Like rubber hammer, or special pliers and screwdrivers with rubber on them. Most king-sized beds can be disassembled with ease, so you would want to use these tools to avoid damaging them. And if you pack it piece by piece, you will transport them easier. Especially if you are planning a long distance relocaiton. And if you hire long distance moving companies in Florida, you are combining the two best things you can. That way your bed will be transported safely.

    A king sized bed as a part of how to pack your king size bed packing guide
    Use proper tools when you want to pack your king size bed

    Use proper wrapping materials

    When moving your furniture you have to make sure you packed everything properly. That means that you should use some kind of wrapping materials when packing them. The best things you can use in this case are blankets, sheets, and cardboard. These are the best materials you can use to wrap around your king size bed and keep it safe during transport. Especially when you are planning a move such as moving from Florida to Seattle. Then it is important to pack your bed properly.

    image of a blanket
    Blankets are perfect packing materials

    Use dollies if you can

    Sometimes, king size beds can be very heavy, and if you don’t know how to handle big items, then you might injure yourself. Dollies are perfect when you need to transport that bed from your home to the moving truck. They are easy to use, and you won’t strain your back carrying your big bed. Just place the sides of your bed on them, and push them to the truck. 

    It is important to stay safe when planning your relocation. Just like with everything, relocating to Boca Raton will also require some time and patience. So make sure to prepare your bed the best way possible and wait for the movers to take over.

    This is exactly what you need to do to pack your king size bed before moving from Florida. With this guide, you can rest easy that nothing can go wrong. If you wish to learn more about relocation, feel free to visit our blog.

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