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 How to pack fragile items

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So you are planning to move and you are wondering how to pack fragile items. Packing fragile items is one of the trickiest parts of your relocation and packing process. And a lot of people have trouble protecting their sensitive items during transport. Luckily, movers Highland Beach FL have a lot of experience with this matter. And today, they are sharing their packing secrets with you.

If you are moving long-distance you need to prepare well

Packing is the most complicated and difficult part of the moving process. Still, the packing process itself is not the strait line. It has some difficult and some less difficult parts.

glass medicine bottles
Protecting fragile items during a move is not an easy task

Of course, one of the most complicated things that you will have to do during packing s protecting your fragile items. Especially if you are moving from Florida to California, for example, and your move means that you will be crossing long distances. To help you with this process we have assembled this small list of things do before you start preparing:

  • Prepare a moving plan
  • Declutter
  • Decide whether to hire professional cross country movers Florida to help you with packing or to pack fragile items on your own
  • Hire a professional moving company to transport your stuff
  • Prepare packing materials
  • Pack

Prepare a clear plan that will provide you with enough time to properly pack fragile items

No matter where or why you are moving, packing fragile items will probably be on your list of things to do. However, as this not the only important thing, you need to prepare a good plan that will allow you to finish everything and leave you enough time to protect your fragile items properly. With fragile items’ protection, enough time to deal with it is crucial. And this is something that a proper moving plan should provide. If you have a clear guide of things to do, in the end, you should have enough time to slowly and carefully pack your fragile things.

Declutter before you call your movers

Another important thing that you need to do before packing your fragile stuff is decluttering. Think, do you really need all those vases and jars? Are there any items that fall under the fragile category that you do not use and do not need anymore? If there are, you should definitely get rid of them before the packing day comes.

Why would you bother with them if you are not using them? Why, in the end, you should pay for relocating them? Your moving cost mostly depends on the weight of your moving inventory. So, the more items you get rid of the less your relocation will cost.

Sell your items and contribute to your moving budget

If the collection of your fragile items includes some valuable or at least pieces that might be useful to someone, why wouldn’t you sell them? If you are already decluttering and thus lowering your moving cost, why don’t you sell your items and add more cash to your moving budget? Of course, how you will sell your items depends on the number of items you have to sell and their type. Nevertheless, if you have a lot of excess items you can organize a yard sale. If not, you can easily sell individual pieces online.

fragile items on a yard sale
Organize a yard sale if you gather enough items

Both options have their pros and cons, however. A yard sale could bring you more earnings but it takes a lot of time and it is very complicated to organize. On the other hand, selling your items online is perfect when you have a few pieces to get rid of. You can get good money, still, when you will sell your pieces is not guaranteed. Sometimes it can take weeks or months before you manage to sell your stuff.

To hire professional packers or to do it on your own?

Once you sorted out your moving inventory and you are clear with the number of items you have to move, take a good look at your items and think. Will you be able to pack everything on your own? Or you will be better with hiring professional packing services Florida to do it for you.

Of course, hiring a professional will cost you. But it is a much more convenient option. And you can rest assured that your items will be properly protected. Moreover, if you let your movers pack your stuff, any damage that might occur will be their responsibility. On the other hand, if you decide to do everything on your own, count that you will have to acquire proper packing materials and that you will have to spend a few days in this tiring and often very stressful process.

Start searching for reliable movers

If you decided how your fragile items will be packed, you can start searching for a moving company that will help you with your relocation. Of course, we like to emphasize that hiring a reliable and reputable moving company is crucial. Especially if you decided on professional packing services as well. You want to know that your movers are experienced and reliable professionals before you let them temper with your fragile items.

using laptop to find movers
Make sure that you find reliable movers with experience

Packing materials that you will have to prepare if you are packing your fragile items by yourself

If you decided to pack your items on your own just to save some money think again. Professional packers will supply you with packing materials as well. When you are doing it by yourself, you need to acquire boxes and wraps on your own. And they are not free. Nevertheless, if that is your decision here is what you will have to prepare:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Dish boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble plastic
  • Packing tapes
  • Labels

Packing your fragile items without professional help

It is not easy to pack fragile items on your own. However, if you prepared proper packing materials and you do it slowly and carefully it is possible.  First, make sure that you wrap every piece individually before you put it in a box. Next, pay attention not to overweigh your boxes. Also, make sure that items cannot move inside the box and that they cannot bump into each other. And that boxes containing fragile items are clearly labeled.  Finally, pay attention to the location of the box inside a moving truck. You want to make sure that a box cannot tip over or that something heavy cannot fall on it during transport.

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