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How to pack breakables when moving from Miami to Los Angeles

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Between Miami and Los Angeles, there are about 2,731 miles to cross. To say that moving from one place to the other would be difficult is unnecessary. Like with every other relocation, it’s in your best interest to prepare for moving from Miami to Los Angeles. That means you’ll have a lot to plan, arrange, improvise, and pack before the move. This also means that you’ll have to make sure all or most of your possessions make it to your new home in one piece. At New Leaf Moving Group Florida, we’ve seen and done all sorts of moves. We know that protecting fragile things is a task that requires research and care. That’s why we’ll teach you how to pack breakables when moving from Miami to Los Angeles easily. This article will help you prepare for and finalize your packing, and make moving from Miami to Los Angeles easy.

Choosing and using the right packing materials will get half of the job done

Cardboard boxes, packing peanuts, duct tape, scissors, labels, markers, and dividers, are only some of the things you’ll need. You’ve heard about these packing materials, and chances are that you have some of them lying around in your home. However, when you’re packing fragile, delicate, and breakable items, you can’t use just any packing materials. You have to use the good stuff, and here’s what we mean by that.

box of packing materials meant to pack breakables when moving from Miami to Los Angeles
Packing materials can make the difference when it comes to protecting fragile items.

Of course, good packing materials are those that are durable, clean, and undamaged. You might be wondering what are some important things to consider when choosing packing materials. There are a few points, such as:

  • When getting cardboard boxes, you want to make sure they’re dry and have no holes. Holes can compromise your valuables, and wet cardboard can tear and break easily, which can in return create holes.
  • The boxes you choose should be able to fit both your items and packaging inside. By packaging, we mean things like old crumpled newspaper, packaging peanuts or chips, or even towels and cloths inside your home.
  • You’ll want to use something to wrap your breakables and keep them snug. Packaging paper, bubble wrap, and honeycomb packing paper are some go-to choices. As long as you use enough of it and don’t try to save up, rest assured that your items won’t have a single scratch on them.

You can always buy packing materials online, or you can do something else. Hiring a moving company with the best packing services Florida has ever seen can both save you money and time. They’ll use brand new packing materials, and make sure they’re high-quality, too.

The way you pack breakables when moving from Miami to Los Angeles can also make quite the impact

Even when hiring some of the most reliable cross country movers Florida residents rely on, you must pack properly to avoid damage. Your movers can only do so much to protect your items: handling boxes carefully during loading and unloading, while they’re packing them… But, let’s say you didn’t opt for your moving company’s packing services- what will you do in this case? Simply put, you have to do some research on how to pack certain items.

person that didn't pack breakables when moving from Miami to Los Angeles
Use these tips to pack breakables when moving from Miami to Los Angeles.
  • Because you’re packing breakables, always make sure to have a decent cushion or layer on the bottom and top of the box. If possible, you can cushion the sides of the box while packing for an extra layer of protection. However, your packaging materials should take care of it.
  • When packing glasses and mugs, you usually start by wrapping them in paper and then tucking the edges of the paper inside. However, not all glasses and mugs are the same shape. For certain types of glasses, such as glasses with stems, you have to slightly adapt the way you pack them to avoid having them break.
  • Utilize everything you can while packing! The trip from Miami to Los Angeles is a long one. That’s why you want all the protection you can get. Use towels and cloths to wrap or cushion breakable items. Don’t be stingy and try to spend less materials: it’s always better to add an extra layer of bubble wrap or whatever you choose.
  • Heavy things should be placed first, always.

Packing before moving from Florida to California is a difficult task, but New Leaf Moving Group can help you. With our packers and movers, we can make your move as easy as pie.

When you pack your breakables after reading this article, you’ll be good to go

Companies that specialize in long distance moving Florida are always there to lend you a hand during the move. However, that’s not all. There is still a thing or two that you have to do in order to be 100% sure that your breakables won’t actually break in transit.

Before you move to Los Angeles, make sure to also label your boxes before the movers arrive. This will save you so much time and spare you the troubles of telling movers which boxes to pay attention to and such. A simple marker and paper will do, or if you really want to, you can also use stickers that show the box is fragile. This way, movers will know to be super careful when picking up a box. On top of that, they’ll also know where to put the box when loading it into the truck. Delicate items require lots of attention and care, so by labelling them as fragile, you’re ensuring that they get treated carefully.

woman holding fragile box
If you want your breakables treated with extra care, label them as fragile!

In general, packing your breakables is like packing any other item. However, now that you learned how to pack breakables when moving from Miami to Los Angeles, your move will be much easier and will go smoothly. All of your precious cups, vases and decorations will arrive to your new home without so much as a scratch on them. With your packing and New Leaf Moving Group’s movers, your move will go perfectly.

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