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How to pack a gas stove for moving?

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    Packing a gas stove isn’t as easy as it might seem. While New Leaf Moving Group Florida recommends finding professionals to do it, we still made some tips on how to pack a gas stove for moving if you want to do it on your own. Of course, if you feel unsure about what you are doing at any moment, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

    The first step is to pack a gas stove for moving

    What you want to do first when you want to pack a gas stove for moving is to disconnect it from any electrical outlets. Most gas stoves do need electricity for initial ignition. However, you can skip this step if you have an older stove that doesn’t plug into an outlet. After that, protect any loose cables to ensure you don’t damage them in transport.

    Person Holding a Pan on Top of a Stove
    Unhooking a gas stove is not as easy as cooking on one

    If your gas stove is connected to a gas pipeline, you must disconnect it. However, you will need to shut the gas pipelines tightly. Again, we recommend that you hire a professional for this stage. This is because gas stoves are not only connected to the electrical system but the gas pipelines too. And after your relocation, you will also need to know how to hook up the gas stove to the pipeline. If that’s the case, trying to do it on your own may be unsafe.

    Before you pack your gas stove, clean it

    After you’ve unplugged it, you can move on to the next step in packing: cleaning. Gas stoves can get dirty, so make sure you give it a thorough cleanse. You don’t want the stove to leave any stains on you, your items, or the movers you hired from moving services Boynton Beach. Deep clean the insides and outsides as you want it to be fully cleaned once you move. After that, you are ready to pack it.

    A person cleaning before getting ready to pack a gas stove for moving
    Before you pack a gas stove for moving, make sure it’s clean

    Packing the gas stove

    Before you start packing your gas stove, make sure you have all your packing materials with you. Whether you want to do it yourself or get packing services Florida it’s crucial to use quality packing materials to make sure none of the pieces on your stove get damaged. That means sturdy boxes, soft packaging, and bags for small pieces.

    Use durable tape to shut the doors, so they don’t open during transport. Even if you put the entire stove in a box, having the doors open even a little might make them loose and damage them. After that, secure it again with packing tape, rope, or plastic ties. Ensure that you also label the box, so you know where it goes in your home. Packing your kitchen for a move isn’t easy. However, of you do it right, you will make unpacking easier on you as well.

    Don’t try to lift on your own

    Lastly, once you pack a gas stove for moving, all you have to do is to load it onto the moving truck. We advise you to find help and use a dolly to make it easier. After all, the last thing you want is to injure yourself.

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