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How to move cross country with cats

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Cats are part of many families. They are lovely animals that don’t like much change. Moving is a time of change, and cats despise it, like any other pet. After living for some time in one space, they will get used to it and start to love it. You will also establish a routine with them, which will also suffer when moving. For the smoothest transition ever, we recommend moving with New Leaf Moving Group Florida. But this will make the move easier for you, not for them. The only help they can get is from you. In this guide, we will teach you how to move cross country with cats, and hopefully help you keep your pets calm during this period.

How to move cross country with cats?

Cats are territorial animals, and they don’t give up on it easily. Moving stress will always result in unwanted behavior, which you should expect no matter how well you prepare for your move cross country with your cats. But that doesn’t mean that you should just hire some cross country movers Florida and call it a day. Your cats will need you to:

  • Keep up their routine
  • Give them attention
  • Use the appropriate pet crate
Person playing with their pet before a move cross country with cats
Keep in mind that cats are territorial animals

Keep up their routine

Even though cats may look like they love chaos, they thrive on routine. Whatever routine you used to have, even moving with some moving services in Boynton Beach will throw it off balance. Cats like knowing what comes next, and they will hate even the smallest change to their feeding schedule mostly. And no matter how hard you try, you will forget to do what you usually do during the peak of the move. Do the things that you normally do around the same time.


Everybody likes attention, and cats are no different. The problem is that people understand the concept of moving, and the rush to finish everything on time. Cats sadly don’t understand what moving is, and they will ask for your attention as usual. Even with help from some long distance movers Florida, you will still have a lot of things to do. The last thing on your mind will be playing with cats. But keep in mind that your playtime is likely the best part of their day, and you should do everything you can to give them at least a bit of playtime. Spending time with them will give them those much-needed happy hormones, and to you too!

Pet crate

No matter if you are moving cross country in a car or airplane, you will need to accommodate your pet in a carrier or pet crate. It will be the best option for their safety, even if they won’t like it at first. Ensure that the container is the appropriate size and that it is comfortable for them to spend various hours inside. Give them a chance to get familiar with it before the move, and they will for sure grow to like it until moving day rolls around.

Picture of a cat
If you want to move cross country with cats, you will need a pet crate

Conclusion on how to move cross country with your cats

When you want to move cross country with cats, you will have an additional thing to worry about. But the same as when moving with kids, you need to have patience. They will need time to adjust, and once they do, you can go back to doing the things you love together. We wish you good luck!

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