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How to include kids in your cross-country move

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Relocating with kids can be difficult. You want to include kids in your cross-country move as much as possible. There are several ways in which you can do this. First of all, make sure that you are ready for the move by hiring professional movers when moving from Florida to Boston. In this article, we are going to discuss several important ways in which you can include your kids in your cross country move. There are some things that you can to not only include them in the process of moving but also make it easier for them in general.

Including kids in your cross-country move

Give them enough details

First of all, your kids should know that there is an upcoming move. You do not have to go too much into the details of course. However, talk to them and explain to them the overall process of moving and what that means. They should be excited about their new home. If you are going to move cross-country during winter, make sure that they still get to enjoy the winter holidays.

Mother talking with her daughter
Talk to your children first when trying to include kids in your cross-country move and explain to them how it works.

Include them in the packing process

The process of packing is long and usually quite boring. It can also create a lot of chaos around the house. Make sure you are well-organized and include your kids in the process of packing. You can let them pack their own personal items the way they like it. Of course, later on, check to see if everything is properly packed and closed before transportation. The process of packing does not have to be boring. You can turn it into a fun game and include your entire family. Make sure you have the right packing materials before you start packing. Hire reliable movers such as the New Leaf Moving Group, to get multiple moving-related services, including packing services at affordable prices.

Let them label the boxes

After you have packed your items, it is important to label the boxes accurately for their content. This is also the perfect opportunity to let your kids be creative and also be part of the entire cross-country move. There are several creative ways to label boxes with your kids such as:

  • Your kids can draw the packed items, for example, books, on the outside of the cardboard box
  • Help them write what’s in the box using markers or other labeling materials
  • Let them label each box in different colors
  • Let them decorate the boxes with stickers and other decorations
Labeling packed items
Let your kids be part of your cross-country move and let them creatively label your packed items.

Take pictures of your old home with your kids

This is a great way to wrap up the process of packing. Grab your camera and take a few pics with your kids in your old home. Go out in the backyard if you have it and take some photos of your kids playing in the old neighborhood. Take your time with the moving-related tasks and make sure your kids are a part of the entire move and that they get to enjoy it and be excited about it instead of worried or stressed out.


The process of moving should be fun and enjoyable. To include kids in your cross-country move should be considered a must. There are several ways to do it but make sure your kids do not feel the pressure of the upcoming relocation. Hire the best interstate moving companies Florida and enjoy your entire family can enjoy the relocation.

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