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How to entertain your kids on a long distance move to Palm Beach

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For people who move, all the stress is normally focused on preparation for the big day. When you have kids, moving gets another level of difficulty. Keep up their routine in the chaos of moving. Sounds impossible, right? Well, if you cannot send your kids away magically while you are getting ready for moving, you have to do it. One thing that people don’t think about, and it’s worth preparing for is the actual moving day. People who hire New Leaf Moving Group Florida don’t have to. During a long distance move to Palm Beach, you will have to travel a long distance. No matter the age, you will have to keep them entertained. But how exactly are you supposed to do that?

How do keep kids entertained during a long distance move to Palm Beach?

Keeping kids entertained can sometimes be difficult. But if they are entertained, they are happy. And if you use some long distance moving Florida services, you as a parent will also be happy. The last thing you want is a crying kid in your backseat. This is bound to happen during a long distance relocation to Palm Beach because kids cannot stay in one place for a long time. But you can try to prevent it as much as possible by:

  • Turning snacking into a game
  • Bringing favorite toys
  • Putting on cartoons
Picture of a yellow school bus figure
An entertained kid is a happy kid

Snack games

There is nothing more enjoyable than snacking during a road trip, while some moving services Boynton Beach take care of your items. But with toddlers in the back seat, it can quickly turn into a mess. No kid doesn’t like Cheerios and playing with them. This activity will keep your kids occupied for a while both while making and eating the snacks. Instruct them to put the Cheerios on a string to make a necklace. Apart from being fun, they also practice those fine motor skills.

Bringing favorite toys

This tip can be implemented at children of any age. Both babies and toddlers love some kind of toy. Now you just have to find which ones those are. Every kid has at least one favorite toy, and you should take advantage of that. If your kid’s favorite toy is one that they use to go to sleep with, you are lucky! Maybe they will even put themselves to sleep using it, giving you time to relax and think about the beautiful time you will have once one of the moving companies Palm Beach County finishes moving you.


If all else fails, a tablet or phone can save the day. We all know the recommendations when it comes to children and screens but sometimes you just want the easier way out. Try to find some educational cartoon or program before moving day, so that you have a secret weapon for entertaining your kids on the road.

Kid browsing cartoons on a long distance move to Palm Beach
Cartoons are the easiest way to keep kids entertained

Conclusion on keeping kids entertained during a long distance move to Palm Beach

A long distance move to Palm Beach with kids doesn’t have to be a disaster. If you must, make a break for your kids to stretch their legs a little. A bit of time outside can work wonders for kids and adults alike. We wish you good luck and plenty of patience!

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