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How to choose the right size of moving boxes?

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Is your move getting nearer, but you’re not entirely sure which moving boxes to get? Choosing the right size of moving boxes can be quite a challenge. Luckily, one of the top long-distance and local moversNew Leaf Moving Group has years of experience in packing and moving processes, and we’ve decided to share our knowledge on the matter. Moving boxes are a necessity when it comes to packing. Whether your items arrive undamaged or not, depends largely on which type and size of moving boxes you get. To find out what you need to pay attention to, how to pick the right size of your moving boxes, and what materials they should be made of – keep on reading!

Why should you care for the right size of moving boxes?

When moving boxes aren’t the right size, the items inside of it can move too much. Even if you place some materials to absorb the shock, sometimes it can still move. The best interstate moving companies Florida has can help you relocate your items long-distance, but if you don’t hire a professional moving company to help you pack, there’s a possibility that your items will get damaged.

cardboard boxes
When you use moving boxes of the wrong size, you risk damaging your belongings.

To minimize the possible damage, especially if you’re packing fragile, important items, follow the general guidelines. They are there for a reason and companies have spent many hours developing the packing system that works and satisfies clients. 

Packing preparations

There are a lot of items to pack, whether you’re packing a small apartment or a big house. It’s always a tiresome process, and usually, people require help. Boca Raton Movers can help you pack your items properly. It’s always best if you can start your preparations in advance. If you’re not sure where to start, do it by creating a to-do list: 

  • Choose the right size of moving boxes
  • Decide on the material 
  • Call a company for evaluation to see how many boxes you need
  • Get the moving boxes 
  • Hire a moving company to help you pack or ask your friends and family to help you 

There are many more tasks that you need to list when you’re dealing with packing preparations, but those are the most important ones that will help you pack your items. 

Don’t pack everything

If you’re moving locally, then you may be able to skip this step. If you’re moving long-distance, then this is a must-do. When you start preparing your items for packing, start decluttering in the process. That means donating, gifting, and selling the items that you don’t want or don’t need anymore. The action that will lessen your costs significantly is selling your big, bulky items. If you can, sell your wardrobes and tables, and use the money to buy new ones at the new location. Moreover, sell your electric appliances like a fridge and use the money that you saved from not having to transport it, and the money that you got from the sale, to get yourself a new one.

What materials should moving boxes be made of?

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s think about whether you need cardboard or plastic boxes. Cardboard ones are more prone to mechanical damage, and they easily start deteriorating when they come in contact with moisture. If your items can be damaged by moisture, then get the plastic boxes for those items. If you’re moving long-distance and your belongings need to change several types of transport, then make sure that you get the plastic ones. They are much more durable and the lid will prevent dirt and water from getting in.

woman holding a cardboard box
Cardboard ones are more prone to mechanical damage, but they cost less.

Should I rent boxes?

If you don’t want to deal with the leftover materials, then rent the boxes. You won’t need to think of ways to get rid of the items right after your move. The moving company will do that for you. You also don’t have to spend additional money buying your own boxes. If you think that you’ll be moving again soon, then buy your own boxes and use them as storage space. Moving companies offer different box packages. You can rent half of what you need and buy half if you want to have some boxes but not all of them. To make sure you’re making the right decision, call a reliable moving company, and consult with them. 

How many moving boxes will you need and, finally, what’s the right size of moving boxes?

The number of moving boxes depends on the number of rooms, the amount of time lived in a home and the type of lifestyle. There’s a calculator that can help you get a rough estimate of how many moving boxes you need. All of those variables also affect the right side of your boxes. When hiring a moving company you don’t have to worry about all of those things – they know how much a cardboard box can be loaded, and what size they need. In case you decide to do that on your own, you’ll need to keep certain things in mind: 

  • Choose more than one size: Moving boxes come in many different shapes and sizes. 
  • Don’t get them all at once: As you’re packing, get the boxes that you see you need. It may prolong the process a little bit, but that way you’ll be sure you have the perfectly sized boxes. 
  • Pack heavy items in small boxes 
  • Use medium-sized boxes for items like speakers and microwave 
  • Use big moving boxes for light items like pillows, linen, jackets, etc. 
  • Get specialty boxes for artwork and fragile items 
  • If you’re worried, call a moving company to pack your fragile items 
man and woman choosing right size of moving boxes
Get moving boxes in different sizes, you’ll need a variety of boxes for a variety of items.

Don’t worry about the right size of moving boxes – call professionals

If you’re on a tight schedule and can’t devote yourself fully to the packing process, consider hiring a professional moving company. Do you need help getting ready for your upcoming move? We’re at your disposal! We will pick the right size of moving boxes, pack your items, take your heavy piano down the stairs, and load the truck. If you want to get to know us better, give us a call or get a free quote. We’re ready to answer all of your questions about our moving and packing processes, our devoted team, and our reasonable prices. Don’t wait longer – book a stress-free move! 

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