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How to calculate your moving expenses before leaving Palm Beach County for Texas

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Before the move, you want to learn how to calculate your moving expenses before leaving Palm Beach County for Texas. There are many movers Palm Beach County has to offer, but we all know moving isn’t very cheap. You will want to save as much money as you can, and that’s perfectly normal. There’s no better way to save up money than by figuring out how to calculate your moving expenses before the move itself. We can help walk you through the whole process of figuring out how much the move will cost.

Calculate your moving expenses: Estimate the cost of your move

Aside from being a physical and mental toll, moving is also a financial toll. Your best bet is hiring professional movers to relocate you and do the job for you. There are people who think that hiring a moving company is more expensive than moving on your own or with the help of friends and family. If you want to know you’re not spending too much on the move, there are a few ways to do so. Long distance movers South Florida has available will definitely be of use. It’s up to you to find movers that fit into your budget.

calculate your moving expenses money
Moving can also take a toll on your finances.

What affects the cost of the move?

Your relocation costs can depend on a few things. For the most part, there are two main factors that will affect the cost of your move.

  • Distance from your old location to the new one: of course, it makes sense. The bigger the distance from your current location to the new one, the more the moving costs rise. In other words, your moving costs will greatly depend on the distance from the pick-up to the delivery location. This is because the greater the distance, the more fuel it’ll take to transport your inventory. It’s also because the distance determines the type of move you’re going to have. Your move is local within a 50-mile radius, and time will be used to calculate the costs. Every move above 50 miles is considered a long-distance move, and in that case, the weight of your shipment determines the costs.
  • The weight of your overall inventory: As mentioned before, the greater the weight, the greater the price. Several things come into consideration when it comes to the weight and size of your load. More items mean more vehicles, and usually bigger ones too, which means bigger fuel costs. More items also mean longer loading and unloading time, and maybe even more movers/people. On top of all that, you will have to get materials to pack your items with. That said, the more items you have, the more packing material you will need to buy in order to pack them.

With these things in mind, you can guess that moving to Texas from Florida isn’t going to be easy or cheap. There are a few more things that will affect the cost of your move, and you should definitely take them into consideration when you plan your move.

professional movers carrying a sofa
Several factors can affect your moving costs.

Calculate your moving expenses when using additional moving services

On top of the basic factors that affect the cost of the move, you need to consider a few more things.

  • Additional moving services will add to the final moving cost. Moving services Boynton Beach has can help you with your move quite a lot. There are some elementary things like packing and storage services, but that’s not all. Let’s say you have some delicate, special items, like a piano or pool table or fine art. Special items usually have separate services for their relocation, so if you want them moved safely and properly, your best bet is to get one of these special services.
  • The moving insurance plan you choose can make a difference in the price of the relocation. With professional South Florida movers, your items are insured in case of damage. However, when you sign the contract, you only get basic liability coverage. It is free, but the coverage only covers $0.60 per pound per item. If you want full value protection for your items, you will have to chip in some more money, but at least your items will be completely insured.
  • The time when you choose to move dictates the cost of the move. It is no secret that people mostly move during the summer, for many reasons. It’s the time when kids don’t go to school, the weather is better and it’s safer for transport. That’s also why the moving costs are so high during the summer. The demand for professional movers gets pretty high during peak times, so they have to charge more to accommodate a moving date. If you want your move to be cheaper, opt for a different time to relocate.
person using a phone calculator
You need to consider a few more things when trying to calculate the cost of your move.

Last but not least: How do I run the numbers?

Since you are moving from South Florida to Texas, your move will be a long-distance one. With that in mind, you now know that the weight of your shipment will determine the cost. You can either use the following formula to calculate the total cost of the move:

  • (Weight of your load) X (Rate per pound per mile) X (Relocation distance) + (Additional services) + (Additional moving insurance, if any)

Or, you can simply use a moving calculator to do it all for you. As far as you’re concerned, all you need to know are the parameters mentioned before: the calculator will do the rest.

Once you figure out the numbers, you’re good to go

If you’re satisfied with the cost you calculated, it’s time to call your moving company and start getting ready. Knowing how to calculate your moving expenses before leaving Palm Beach County for Texas can save you quite a bit of money. This article hopefully helped clear some things up. Now that you know how to do it all, you can call New Leaf Moving Group to relocate you and we can work out the numbers together!

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