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Halloween events in Boca Raton to explore

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Are you looking for Halloween events in Boca Raton this year? As usual, many of the Halloween events will take place, but this year, there will be a few slight changes. If you’re just moving to Boca Raton, you might have a little different Halloween experience than usual. That’s due to the global pandemic, and not due to the lack of events or creativity of Boca Raton’s residents. They are trying, and succeeding, to keep the Halloween spirit alive despite the numerous events that aren’t bringing them happiness and festive mood. The usual Boca Raton events that you should be able to enjoy next year, but have been canceled this one, are the Moonfest concert, Enigma Haunt, and X-Scream Haunted House. While some of the biggest attractions had to be canceled, the residents have found a way to have fun!

Fun Halloween events in Boca Raton for kids

Tunnel of terror

This is the event that takes place at the North Dixie Highway on October the 30th. There’s a fee to be paid, but giving that you’ll be able to get into the tunnel that’s extremely scary – it’s worth it. If you’re looking for a place to get scared, but also get treats that evening – this may just be the place. Due to the circumstances, the tickets for the events are limited, so make sure you get yours on time! 

skeletons as halloween decoration
There are numerous events that will take place, regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic!

Paint&Glow Kids Edition

If you’re looking for a place to take your kids, where better to take them than to a place where they get to paint with glow in the dark paint? They will get a canvas and be able to paint their own skull or a pumpkin. There will, of course, be food and treats, but they will also get to participate in the costume contest, enjoy the Halloween pinata and play glow in the dark musical chairs. This event will take place in the afternoon on October 31st. If you have a kid who enjoys playing games and painting, and you think this will be the perfect opportunity for him or her to experience Halloween in pleasant surroundings – then you know where you should be on October 31st. 

Ninja Warrior Outdoor Halloween Party

There are many things that sound great about this party! First of all, it’s outdoors which means that the current pandemic situation will make much fewer problems than if this was indoors. Secondly, the boys are sure to love this, but the girls are too as well! The Ninja Warrior runs are safe and fun, and you get to use the 30-minute open gym blocks. The fee is 25$, and you must register in advance. If your little ones are excited for Halloween, imagine how excited they’re going to be when you tell them about Ninja Warrior Party! It starts at 3 pm on Saturday! 

a girl holding a pumpkin
Halloween events will help your kids fit in faster and find friends.

Halloween events in Boca Raton for adults – Latin Halloween Night with Marc Anthony Tribute

This isn’t a party for kids, but it’s a party where you’ll be able to enjoy the Marc Anthony tunes! You’ll be able to have Beer Bucket Specials and enjoy the Latin night on a great patio area where you’ll be able to keep the distance and have enough of your space to truly have fun. This event is taking place on both Saturday and Sunday in La Mexicana Taco Bar. You’ll also be able to participate in Hora Loca Giveaways and if you reserve the spot among the first ones, you’ll also get free Halloween Kits! 

Halloween events will help your little ones fit in

As you can see, there are many Halloween events in Boca Raton to explore. Think about security during a move if the celebration is going. Furthermore, consider getting your kids out for Halloween. It’s a great excuse to help them socialize since they won’t have the same “performance anxiety” and won’t be as shy as they will be when they start going to school. Playgrounds are their natural habitat, and they will make friends much easier there. This will help them feel more welcome in the city and give them a real reason to like it. When they start going to school, they will fit in better because they will already feel relaxed and like this place is their true home. 

There are plenty of opportunities for the grown-ups too!

Those were just some of the examples of the events that happen in Boca Raton. There are numerous others that you can frequent if you decide to, like drive-thrus, parties, or picnics in pumpkin patches. After saying goodbye to moving companies in South Florida, you are allowed to have a night off. Remember that the next Halloween won’t be happening for 365 days. If you can, at least take a stroll around the neighborhood and enjoy the decorations. 

candy cones in a mug
If you’re not feeling like going out – that’s also okay. Celebrate as is appropriate for you!

Celebrate at home

If you’ve just moved, had long distance moving Florida services dismissed and you haven’t gotten to the unpacking part yet – it might be better to stay home and rest. It’s no use in getting too tired. You will just end up frustrated and might even get sick. That’s definitely not something that we want in the time of COVID-19. You can also enjoy festivities in the comfort of your new home. Hang some decorations, have a video talk with your loved ones and watch a suitable series. You can also order takeout and have just as much fun as you would if you went trick or treating. Enjoy your new home the way that you see fit! 

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