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Guide to rating your Florida movers

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We all know that relocating home is quite complicated, costly, and hard. One must dedicate a hefty budget, organize like a pro, find professional movers Palm Beach County, and cover a bunch of legalities. And after you reach the other side, there is the whole adaptation and settling-in process. But no matter how the relocation goes, maybe you want to leave a review or rate your movers somehow. Do not worry, we will show you how rating your Florida movers can be beneficial for everyone who comes after you. But more importantly, how it is done. Let’s go!

The best way for rating your Florida movers is to write a moving review

There are many ways for rating your Florida movers but it all comes down to writing a moving review. The only question is – where will you write one? The easiest way is to leave one on the long distance movers South Florida website after you are done with the moving service. Or you can leave a review on one of the moving-related social media groups. There are also external websites with moving reviews as well as accredited moving-related websites such as US Movers Association, FMSCA, etc. You can leave your review on Yellow Pages, Yelp, and other similar websites.

the easiest way of rating your Florida movers is to leave a review
Leave a moving review. No matter if it is positive or negative feedback, it will help shape the future of the business in general.

The choice is vast depending on the way you want to go. If you are leaving a positive review, leave it on the mover’s website. But if you are going for a bad one, they will probably remove it so you might want to spread the fire somewhere else and hit social media to make sure everyone is aware of the bad service they provide.

Provide basic details about your relocation when rating your Florida movers

When leaving a review, you should leave the basic info about your relocation so the readers can relate to it. This way they can have a clearer picture and connect the dots because they surely have been in a similar situation. At least some of them. So, you can simply put it – I was moving to Texas from Florida and I was using the basic moving package. Or you can be more thorough and write the following:

  • Year, month, season, and the day of the move.
  • Moving services and costs.
  • The name of the moving company and the contact info so other customers can reach them easily.
  • How the whole relocation was handled.
  • All the details about the packing process, loading the moving truck, transport, and more.
two people tossing a cardboard box
People want to know more about the moving services you were using. Try to be thorough about it.

You should share as much as you like but make sure to stay anonymous. You are posting a review on the internet after all and you never know who is reading it on the other side. No matter what kind of review is in question, you do not want to expose yourself unnecessarily. But again, this is your choice entirely.

Share the details about the moving services you were using

In most cases, people are having trouble choosing the moving services Boynton Beach for their relocation. And they like to hear what other people chose and what was proven to be the best. If you write a detailed review about the service you were using, you will help a lot. For example, if you hired movers to move your piano, other customers would like to know if this company handled your piano safely. This is the important part of the story. Most of the customers browse online for the specific services and this way you will narrow down their search and help them find the specific service and confirm its legitimacy and quality of it. So, describe the service you were using if possible. On the other hand, if service was awful and your stuff got damaged, then you must describe it in detail so everyone knows about it.

Should you glorify your movers?

If you feel like it, yes. Rating your Florida movers does not have any limits or boundaries. You can write a two sentences review or a wall of text. It is all up to you, to be honest. But before you even begin, you should find a few moving reviews to serve you as a guide. Just to get an idea of what a good and detailed moving review looks like. This has nothing to do with the aesthetic part of it. We are not aiming for your review to be beautiful or anything, but rather informative. What is important is to include all important aspects of glorifying movers, if you want to do it in the first place.

So, your movers were polite, provided discounts, used all means necessary to make you comfortable, used all tools necessary, transported your items carefully, and unloaded everything safely? Then they deserve for you to take the extra mile and write a good moving review about them.

Make sure to report any unexpected events

As you know, not all moving reviews are positive. Some of them are extremely salty and unpleasant. Some customers got scammed, robbed, end up with damaged goods, or have to pay way more than expected. In case you have this experience, you must file claims against movers straight away. In case of damages as well and hope you have purchased moving insurance to have coverage for minor damages at least. But if you fall victim to such a scenario, you must write about it in detail. This way you will help many others to avoid the moving company in question. Or at least to pay attention to the mistakes you have made when purchasing a moving service and signing a moving contract.

a guy writing a review
If you experience any unpleasantries you must write and report. People must know more about such scenarios and how to handle them in the future.

Furthermore, if you got scammed by rogue movers or fraudulent moving companies, then this would be a job for the police department. And yes, you should still alert people about the area those rogue movers operate in.

Summarize the experience and write the review

In the end, you can write a moving review and post it on your Facebook feed only for your friends. Or on your Instagram account. Just do not spend the whole day thinking about it. Write a few sentences on paper and summarize it all nicely. Upload it on a few relevant websites and be done with it. It should be enough to help at least 3 people out there. And imagine what would happen if every customer does the same.

Now you know how to do this right. Rating your Florida movers is not so hard if you read a few reviews beforehand. Or you can simply put it in your words and do not care how it looks like as long as it contains what really matters. And that is the information about the company you were using and the positive or negative experience you had. Thank you for your input. New Leaf Moving Group appreciates your effort.

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