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Guide to moving a wine collection

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What is sure about moving a wine collection is that it requires storage and special handling during transportation. The reason why is to their delicate chemistry and content can be affected by temperature, exposure, and basically any movement. There are multiple efficient ways to move your collection. You just need to invest enough time in your research. In addition, you can rely on movers Palm Beach County to assist you with this complicated procedure. Of course, hiring professionals will save you a lot of time. However, make sure to read and inform yourself properly also.

Moving a wine collection demands a proper checklist of tips

Since you have probably invested a lot of time, money, and effort into creating your wine collection, of course, you will need even more time and energy for its relocating. It is a big investment as you must agree, so you need to plan ahead a lot of steps and treat the process with special care. Be sure that if you hire NewLeafMoving Group to take care of your relocating of the wine collection, you will not regret it.  So, now when you have chosen the proper shipper, let’s check out a few tips for keeping your wine safe during the moving process:
  • a wine appraisal by the highly qualified expert
  • pack it up appropriately
  • make sure the conditions are climate controlled
  • find out about local regulations
Fine wine bottles
You need to pay special attention when you are moving a wine collection, and especially if they are expensive ones

A wine appraisal is an essential part of relocating a wine collection

Even if you think your collection is small, it is very important to know its value. Besides the fact that you should invest in a wine collection insurance policy, have in mind that the appraisal can help you in choosing the proper movers. In any case, you can rely on long distance movers South Florida to make your life easier in the process. However, especially if you have a big collection, make sure to hire a professional so that you can keep track of your collection and be extra careful about it.

Pack it up appropriately

It is not even appropriate for regular items, but especially for wine collection, gym equipment, art pieces, and similar, you can not just put them in the box. The best option is to use the boxes you already have from the original packing. In addition, select the adequate package of moving services Boynton Beach offers, and you will save a lot of time and effort. In case, you need to do something by yourself also, make sure to add Styrofoam or cardboard inside.  The best ways to pack up the bottles are on their side or upside down. Make sure to label them as fragile also. 

Make sure the conditions are climate controlled

Especially if you are moving to Texas from Florida, pay special attention to which movers you will hire. You need to make sure that they will have the proper conditions for the transport of your wine collection. This is important because due to the change in temperature, the taste and appearance of your wine can change. Most experts on wine professionally agree that you must protect older red wines’ from shifting temperatures.  Fifty-five degrees is ideal for red wine. On the other hand, for the others, the temperature is also important, but not so much.

Find out about local regulations

If you are changing states, make sure to find out everything about local regulations before you start your moving process. Wine transportation rules are different depending on the state to state. In some states and counties, you may have laws that will prevent you from bringing in the bigger amounts of alcohol. That is why you need to be extra careful and investigate first.

A wine collection in the basement
You should protect your wine collection from shifting temperatures


All in all, moving a wine collection is pretty demanding and you really need to be extra careful. Also, you need to think about a lot of details. The flavor of the wine will remain the same if you follow the simple steps for wine collection relocation.  Make sure to have enough time to prepare and investigate regulations, and you will manage to transport your collection with ease.

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