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Guide for moving during the coronavirus outbreak

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You decided on moving from Florida to New York and there are a few tasks awaiting you. You must organize the moving logistics, packing process, and find adequate movers to assist you. Now, moving during the coronavirus outbreak is making everything ten times harder and more dangerous. There is a lot at stake here and we should work together to ensure you conduct a safe relocation. Let us provide a few tips on how to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your belongings.

Moving during the coronavirus outbreak with a reliable moving company by your side

At the moment it is almost impossible to move without a proper moving company. Moving during the coronavirus outbreak became an incredibly hard task to complete. Yes, some would argue that contact with movers might get you exposed. But actually, it is safer if you conduct your relocation faster and accompanied by someone who knows how to do it flawlessly. Of course, whoever is helping you, must follow all the safety rules and regulations set in place. So, the goal is to find the best local movers Boynton Beach Fl. You will browse online for a while and find a couple of viable choices. To narrow down your search, you should compare services, costs, and find a couple of moving reviews. Compare movers across the board and you’ll find your choice in a matter of hours.

Two people moving a cargo
Find a professional moving company able to relocate you safely.

When you find your company, give them a call. Check if they meet all the criteria to perform the task ahead. Ask if they have all the licenses, permits, tools, equipment, manpower, and a sizeable moving vehicle. And most importantly, are they following all the safety rules regarding the current Covid pandemic. Ensure your company is legit and let them help you relocate safely. Also, take a look at the moving services Boynton Beach your movers offer. Some services can make your life easier and your relocation safer. Hence, check our options, ask questions, and secure a successful relocation.

You must be more careful when packing as well

Packing was always boring and time-consuming. But now, it is boring and stressful beyond measure. Only because now you must clean and sanitize each piece individually. Especially if you had a risky contact in the past or your home was exposed. And more bad news, you must repeat the whole process once you arrive. Simply moving all your items from one place to another, can get them contaminated. Therefore, use higher-quality packing materials and secure each box individually. You can’t risk with this one because a single mishap can contaminate the whole batch. It is hard to know which participant made a mistake and when.

Yes, Florida relocation companies have all the safety protocols in place and they use all the protection available. Awareness, knowledge, and experience are their most powerful weapon. But they are people as well and mishaps can happen. Hence, obtain proper packing supplies and clean all your items individually once you arrive at your new home. This means both the packing and unpacking process will be hard but it must be done this way if you do not want to endanger your family and ev

Moving boxes inside a moving truck
You can use regular moving supplies but make sure you protect the whole batch with the proper cover.

eryone involved. Hopefully, there won’t be a single mistake and you’ll reach your new home corona-free.

Sanitize everything when moving during the coronavirus outbreak

Sadly, your whole relocation project revolves around cleaning and sanitizing. But before you even begin packing, you must prepare your new environment adequately. Start by making a checklist with all the items and furniture you are bringing over. Then, you should create a furniture layout and a plan where to stash all your items when you relocate. It won’t be easy and it will take some time, but it must be done. Once you have your checklist in place, you should obtain all the disinfectants and chemicals and clean your new home inside out. No matter if you purchased, rented, or if it is old or new. The process is the same. You must treat your new place like it was already contaminated and clean it thoroughly.

While doing this, you should have some help if possible. Use clothes you can later throw away. Of course, use protective gloves, masks, hand sanitizers, etc. Although, this means you must go there yourself and possibly get exposed. So, if you do not want to participate in cleansing, you can hire a cleaning crew specialized in the field. They will take care of this one for you. But this means you must stretch your budget a bit. Hopefully, it won’t be a problem. Just keep it in mind as another option. You shouldn’t expose yourself if you don’t have to.

sanitizing hands while moving during the coronavirus outbreak
You must sanitize your items but do not forget to keep yourself clean as well.

A storage unit can help a lot

This one is not mandatory but extremely helpful in this situation. If you are moving into a smaller apartment or you simply want to have an easier and quicker relocation, consider renting a storage unit. Some people can’t clean everything and pack forever. Therefore, you can split the whole batch in half and leave apportion in your new storage unit. Later when you are more comfortable you can come back and take what you need. Your long distance moving Florida company can provide one for amazing prices. And of course, they can transport all your items to your unit at the same time. A highly lucrative option at the moment.

Clean a bit more

As we already explained, you must sanitize everything when moving during the coronavirus outbreak. This includes all the furniture as well. But this one is a bit easier than packing. You have significantly fewer furniture pieces than all the random miscellaneous items around your home. So, clean and sanitize all your furniture than simply wrap it in stretch foil or bubble wrap. On the other hand, we must advise doing a bit of decluttering and downsizing as well. While inspecting and cleaning all your items around the home, figure out what you do not need anymore. It can be old clothing, a piece of furniture, an old piece of electronics, etc.

We all have those in our garage or somewhere in our home. Therefore, conduct a pre-move purge and make a pile of items you can throw away, donate, recycle, sell, or whatever you want to do with it. If you do it right, you’ll have fewer items to pack, relocate, and clean.

Finally, when you empty your old home, you should clean it out thoroughly. Leave the place clean and ready for moving in. Hopefully, you will have the time and energy to do such a thing. But if you choose not to, no one will judge. New owners will clean it all over again anyway. What is important here is that now you know how moving during the coronavirus outbreak should look like. More importantly, you know what to expect from your moving team. Find a good one and keep yourself and your family safe. Good luck!

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