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Florida vs California: Livability factors compared

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When choosing where to relocate, various factors can affect your decision to move. Whether these are the job market, tax rate, safety, or weather, some of these points will prevail in your decision of where to live. What can make this decision even harder is when you need to choose between two beautiful states such as Florida and California. Both locations offer a lot in terms of living conditions and unique coastal feeling. Before you book your South Florida movers for the relocation, you will need to compare several different livability factors. Therefore, doing the research will help you make the right decision on where to move for you and your family. Although both states have many similarities, there are plenty of differences as well. Florida vs California: discover in this article which state will be a better choice for your upcoming relocation.

a woman holding laptop and reading about Florida vs California
Get to know the livability options for both states

Choosing between two beach states

When considering moving either to Florida or California, you can face a tough choice. Both countries offer living near the coast, beautiful weather, and pristine beaches. In addition, there is a laid-back lifestyle that both states offer to their residents. In general, living in Florida vs California may not be that different, but this decision will come down to your personal preferences. Florida is in the southernmost part of the US. This is the third-largest country in the US. However, if you compare it to California it has less population of around 19 million. On the other hand, California has the biggest population in the country with more than 40 million residents. Both are fast-growing states that got around 3 million new residents in the last decade.

Florida vs California- climate conditions

If you are a sunshine lover, you will certainly get your portion of sunny days in both countries. However, Florida is much more humid than California, since it is in a humid subtropical climate zone. It also has warm weather during the whole year, with winter temperatures that do not drop below 40 degrees. When moving from Florida to California, you will experience all four seasons with colder winters. Unlike Floridians, Californian residents can have some snow, especially in the mountain regions. In addition, Florida is prone to hurricanes. While in California you can experience earthquakes and drought.

Costs of living

Costs of living can greatly affect the relocation decision. Florida in general is more affordable than California, with average costs of living ranging from 3% to 11% higher than the national average. The median home price certainly differs in Jacksonville and Miami, but the average home price in Florida is about $300,000. In addition, you will not pay income tax in Florida and this will give you a chance to save more money. On the other hand, California is among the most expensive states in the US, with almost 50% higher living costs than the national average. Its median home value is around $700,000. Los Angeles and San Francisco are the most expensive cities in the Golden State.

Economy and job options in FL and CA

Although living in Florida is cheaper than in California, Florida has a ranking as the 8th best economy in the US, while California is in the 10th place. Job growth in Florida is 2,5% higher than the national average and the median annual income is around $57,000. Job growth in California is 1,2% greater than the national average. Book moving services from Boynton Beach, and you will get the chance to earn almost $70,000 in California. Tourism and hospitality are the most popular industries in Florida. In California, manufacturing, banking and finance, and film production are at the top of the list.

people sitting in the office at the dest
Florida vs California: Florida has more job options

Cultural difference: Florida vs California

Many people flock to Florida to enjoy sunny weather, white-sand beaches, and swimming all year round. In addition, living in many major cities is only a couple of hours’ drive from the ocean. Also, some of the most popular Floridian cities are a few minutes away from the coast. Choose Miami, Jacksonville, or Tampa when booking one of the interstate moving companies in Florida. Tons of outdoor activities and the laid-back culture are what attract many from all over the world to move to Florida. There are plenty of national parks, beaches, and lakes where you can spend leisure time with your friends and family.

Experience the unique vibe of the Golden State

The 1849 California Gold Rush and the golden poppies that bloom in spring earned the nickname of Golden State for California. Apart from the surfer culture in the south, the north offers tech and a cool lifestyle. Book a long-distance moving Florida company and you will move to one of the most progressive and liberal states in the nation. California also offers different outdoor activities including the option to see various landscapes from valleys to mountains. There are 9 national parks that you can visit here including Alaska.

Things to do in Florida and California

Apart from natural wonders such as beaches, state parks, and lakes, there are many tourist attractions that you can find in Florida. Seaworld, Disney World, and Universal Studios are just among the most popular things to see. St. Augustine is the most famous historic site in FL. There are 11 professional sports teams for sports lovers. In both CA and FL, foodies can enjoy world-famous cuisines. Also, your kids can enjoy visiting Disneyland in California as well. In the south of California, you can visit beautiful beaches, while the north offers rough shores, mountain, and hiking tours. Skiing is another thing that you will find in California, that the residents of Florida lack. California also has 18 professional sports teams. Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley attract wine lovers from all over the world.

Disneyland building in Florida
You can visit Disneyland in both states

When considering Florida vs California, it will not be an easy choice for relocation. Both states offer great living conditions, flourishing job markets, and plenty of fun things to do. You can consider yourself lucky if you have the option to choose between these two states since living in either would be a dream come true for many.


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