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Florida storage maintenance checklist

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Storage maintenance is not on anyone’s priority list. And it is no surprise. Today’s way of life doesn’t leave us much room for such, on a first glance, insignificant tasks. However, keeping your storage in good shape is all about keeping your items in good shape. If you care about the things you keep in that unit, you will have to do some occasional upkeep. To make things easier, the Boca Raton moving company prepared this Florida storage maintenance checklist. It will help you to stay organized and finish your task quickly.

Example of a storage maintenance checklist

Even though storage’s purpose is to safeguard your items, sometimes it can happen that it can become your items’ burial place. Moisture, mold, dust, pests, burglars, those are the most common threats that can endanger your items within a storage unit. Therefore, no matter whether you are renting a storage unit or your storage is at home, make sure that the space is well-maintained.

Green to do list
Prepare a maintenance list that you will use regularly

Unfortunately, taking care of your storage space can be time-consuming and tiring. That is why the best thing to do is to prepare a checklist that will help you to do things quickly and efficiently. Here are the things that you will need to do:

  • Moisture is your number one enemy in Florida. Deal with it first.
  • Make a list of your items
  • Make sure that you pack everything properly
  • Clean and sanitize everything
  • Deal with pests
  • Maintain your door

First, deal with moisture

Dealing with moisture inside a storage unit in Florida can be difficult. Especially if your items are already inside. However, if you are moving, for example, before your cross country movers Florida deliver your excess items, check the unit and make sure that it is moisture-free. If you are already stuck with that problem, you will have to get your stuff out and deal with it. Depending on your situation, you will have a few options that consider extensive repair work. Or, if you have a minor problem, maybe you can try with some moisture absorbers or some similar quick solution.

What option you will choose is irrelevant; the most important thing is not to keep your items in a wet space. If you decide to let professionals fix your walls, your future maintenance will consist of checking your walls from time to time. On the other hand, if you decide on moisture absorbers you will have to replace them regularly.

It is good to know what items are in storage. Make a list

People usually do not exactly what items they keep in storage. And that is something that usually goes along with neglected storage units. Still knowing which items are in storage and which items need special care from time to time is crucial when it comes to maintaining your stored items. So while professionals repair your walls, you can use that time to make a list of items your keep in storage. While you are making a list, check whether everything is packed properly.

Make sure that your items are packed properly

Proper packaging is one of the crucial points in preserving your items.  That is why you need to make sure that your items are well-protected. Of course, if you are renting a climate-controlled storage unit you do not need to be all that thorough while packing. On the other hand, if you are not sure whether your storage space has problems with moisture, pack your items accordingly.

Storage loaded with items
Make sure that you pack your items before storage.

Naturally, you cannot pack every item the same way. Electronics are much more sensitive than garden furniture, for example. Wooden and leather furniture need more attention than plastic items. If you are not sure how to do it properly, call professional packing services Boca Raton and let them handle this for you. They know how to pack everything and they will use appropriate packing materials for that purpose.

Clean and sanitize your storage space

Before you start loading your storage unit there are a few more things that you should do as a part of the self-storage maintenance process. First of all cleaning. No matter whether you are renting storage Boca Raton based or you have storage in your home you need to clean the floors, shelves, door, and everything that is a part of your storage interior regularly.  Once everything is clean, use a proper sanitizing solution to disinfect the space.

Do not forget about pests

After the cleaning, you need to think about pests. There is a wide array of pests in Florida that can seek shelter and food in your storage unit. That is why you need to add pest control to your regular storage maintenance routine.

While your storage is empty, take a good look inside and locate possible pest entrance points. If you find a hole in a wall or on a ceiling seal it. Once you seal possible entrances, set appropriate traps, or use other pest control products that are available to you. Checking those traps is one more thing that you should start doing regularly.

Rat closeup
Florida has many pests. Deal with them before they deal with your items.

Maintain your storage door

Finally, even though if you rent a storage unit, exterior maintenance and security will be the storage company’s responsibility you should still take care of your entrance door.  Clean it regularly. And keep the hinges and the lock oiled. If you have a rolling mechanism, make sure that it is working smoothly. If you notice some kind of problem notifies the management about it.

Use your storage maintenance checklist regularly

And that is it. Your storage maintenance checklist is done.  Hopefully, you will use it regularly and you will not let your items deteriorate because you did not know or had the will to keep your storage space in good condition.

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