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Disassembling furniture for a move: Tips & Tricks

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Is your move getting closer, but you’re unsure how to deal with bulky furniture? New Leaf Moving Group is an experienced company that has performed hundreds of moves. We know how complicated disassembling furniture for a move can be, which is why we decided to share our knowledge. You can disassemble your furniture without hiring professionals with a few tips and tricks. Disassembling furniture yourself is a good way to save some funds during the moving process – learn how to do it yourself! 

Before you start disassembling furniture for a move – declutter

If you’re moving long-distance, like moving from Florida to New York, you will have big moving costs. You can lower those moving costs by remembering to declutter when you start your packing process. That means that you should get rid of the items that you don’t usually use. One way of doing that is donating them, while the other is to sell them.

man and a woman decluttering and packing
Decluttering will help you lessen the moving costs!

If you sell them, you can then use the same money and buy the said item at the new location and save money along the way by not having to pay for the transport of those items. Items that are usually sold are big, bulky appliances and furniture pieces like the fridge or a wardrobe. By decluttering, you lessen the amount of furniture that needs to be disassembled and packed. 

What to do before disassembling furniture for a move?

Things to do before disassembling furniture: 

  • Secure the surroundings when disassembling furniture for a move 

Make sure that you’ve put protective blankets or carpets over your floor before disassembling. That way you’ll protect the floor from the potential scratches and damage. 

  • Measure doorways, hallways and the furniture

Once you’ve decided what you want to keep, you’ll need to make a plan on how to take it out. Measure everything the furniture needs to get through! You don’t need to disassemble most of the furniture that can comfortably fit through the exit route. The only furniture that you need to disassemble is the one that can’t fit through corridors and doors.

  • Get the right tools 

Getting the right tools right before disassembling furniture for a move will make the whole process easier. You will need carpets and blankets to secure the floor, padding, and packing materials to pack the disassembled parts and screwdrivers and wrench.

Ask friends and family for help

When you’re dealing with big furniture pieces, it’s a good idea to ask for help. If you think that friends and family won’t be able to help you, you can always check out Boca Raton moving services.

man and woman disassembling furniture for a move
Disassembling furniture for a move will probably require a helping hand – ask a friend or family member!

Firstly, remember to ask your friends and family whether they can assist you on a given date. Try to “book them” in advance so you won’t be left hanging, having to disassemble a big wardrobe yourself.

Having reliable persons who can communicate clearly is the key when disassembling furniture for a move. If you have a problem communicating with a person, then don’t invite him/her to help you – it may lead to injury. It goes without saying that avoiding an injury shortly before a move is a must – so choose wisely. 

Packing the separate parts of furniture

When you’re done disassembling the furniture, you’ll need to pack the parts separately. Firstly, get the small screws and bolts and place them in a plastic bag which you can then tape to the particular furniture part to keep them organized. If the parts are big and bulky, you will need to, at least, secure the corners and wrap the part in a bubble wrap, then seal it with a tape.

Secure the corners with some kind of padding, that way they won’t get damaged during the transport. Getting a cardboard box for big, bulky parts of furniture may be a bad idea since they have a tendency to deform if you load them more than they can handle. Consider investing in plastic bins to keep your furniture parts intact. 

Turn to the manufacturing company or the internet for a manual

If you have a problem disassembling any furniture piece – look for the manual. There are numerous things that you can find online, and manuals are one of them. If you find it, you’ll be able to see just how to disassemble that particular piece of furniture as well as what tools are included in the process. It may save you hours of being puzzled over a simple furniture piece because, in the end, it turned out to be way more complicated.

Do the research before disassembling your furniture to save you and your friend’s time. If you still need help after everything that you’ve tried, consider hiring a moving company to help you!  

Know what needs disassembling – not everything does

When you start disassembling your furniture, you shouldn’t disassemble everything that you own. It’s fine if your or movers bring down a coffee table or small items that can easily fit through the door and corridors. If the items are easily breakable, then you should separate the parts that are susceptible to breaking and pack them well, just like you would do with any fragile item.

man taping the box
hiring a moving company will help you avoid getting hurt and give you more time to deal with other moving-related obligations.

Another thing to consider is weight. If an item that you own can fit through the doors, stairs, and hallways, but it’s too heavy – the best way to bring it downstairs is to disassemble it. That will lessen the risk of injury and you will have an easier time getting it down. 

Hire a reliable moving company when disassembling furniture for a move

If you don’t have enough time to deal with disassembling furniture for a move, or you simply don’t want to get hurt – consider hiring a reliable moving company. That will give you more freedom to deal with the rest of the moving-related obligations. Delegating the hard part of a moving process to experienced professionals will help you lessen your anxiety and avoid getting injured. It will also prevent your furniture from being damaged since our movers have years of experience in the matter, and their only goal is to successfully transport your items from point A to point B without any inconveniences. If you’re not sure whether or not you need help, you can always get a free moving quote and decide! Are you ready to book a move of your dream? 

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