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People tend to characterize relocations as some of the most complicated, time-consuming, and nerve-wracking processes in their lives. We believe this to be the case because they haven’t had the pleasure of handling their move with the help of New Leaf Moving Group Florida. Luckily, your experience can differ from their completely, all with a simple phone call to our company. Our Delray Beach, FL movers will be glad to ensure you enjoy this big step in your life. Get your non-obligatory, free moving quote today!

A man with a suitcase, looking at a gorgeous sky
Relocation is a big change. Make sure it starts in the right way by having our moving crew in Delray Beach take care of it.

New Leaf Moving Group Florida is here to help

Starting as a small, family-owned business, we have had just one goal in mind – to help people relocate to the best of our abilities. With years, and plenty of valuable experience, the latter part of that goal has changed, and the abilities we now have greatly exceed the ones we had at the beginning. What has remained the same is our understanding of reliable, professional, and knowledgable assistance. Thus, we still work just as diligently, attentively, and conscientiously as we did when we started many years ago.

We view every relocation as an individual case and know that each of them is a complex process. With this in mind, we have sectioned our service into convenient types, so that you will find it easy to choose exactly what you need:

If you are not so sure which of these services is best suited for your particular situation, feel free to give us a call, and our agents will be happy to help you decide.

How can our Delray Beach, FL movers assist with your relocation?

Our Delray Beach moving team consists of reliable, professional, and expedient people. They approach every moving project with the same amount of care and attention. And this means that your successful move will be a result of thorough planning and detailed organization. Make sure that you give us a call when in need of any of the following services.

A short and sweet local relocation

Whenever you plan on moving in Delray Beach, FL, it would be best that you find a suitable Delray Beach moving company to help you out. Only the true professionals in the business will be able to help you get just the move you imagined, without any stress along the way. With this in mind, it is a good thing that our local moving team is easy to reach. They know this city down to the very last detail. All the roads, shortcuts and convenient parking spaces are known to them, which means your move will be super-efficient.

A nice looking neighborhood
Your local move will resemble a walk in the park with our experienced team.

Have a smooth residential move with our experienced team

Moving to a new home is never easy, nor is it simple. Simply put, the change in your daily life, habits, and activities is too great. This is why it is best to entrust the technical part of the move to the people who are true professionals in the business. While our moving crew in Delray Beach takes care of the packing, loading, transporting, and delivering all of your goods to the new place, you will be able to address other aspects of this big step in your life.

Let us handle your commercial relocation

We know how stressful and daunting a commercial move can be. It is a hectic period with plenty of tasks, deadlines, and possibly some downtime. Not to mention the importance of keeping the latter down to a minimum. We believe that our commercial moving team is just the crew you need for this job.

It is not only the experience and the knowledge behind this confidence. Our people are extremely efficient in planning and handling these moves. They know just how, when, and where each of them needs to be, and what they have to do. This supreme coordination works wonders when it comes to commercial moves. All they need is to hear your needs, wishes, and plans, so as to be able to create the best course of action.

We can take care of the packing process

Packing is known to be the most arduous and time-consuming process of the whole relocation. Alas, it is necessary. However, it is not you that has to take care of it. Our packing experts will be glad to take this chore upon themselves, while you have all that time to yourself. And not only will you save precious hours, and energy, but you will also have the peace of mind, knowing that all is packed and prepared in the best possible way.

Our storage facilities are just the convenience you need

You never know when the need for some additional space may arise. It can be during your relocation, or whilst you are renovating your home. Perhaps your relatives are coming over, and you need the extra room where you’ve been keeping all of your seldom-used items. Whatever your situation may be, know that your belongings will always have a safe place in our storage units. They are clean, climate-controlled, and monitored 24/7, making sure all the stored goods are indeed secure. You can find these units in Boca Raton, which is just a 10-minute drive from Delray Beach.

Storage units' doors that Delray Beach FL movers can get a hold of
Make sure your goods are in a safe and secure place by renting our storage units.

Give us a call if you need a professional moving service

When looking for reliable, efficient, and professional Delray Beach, FL movers, you now know that ours is the number to call. New Leaf Moving Group Florida makes sure that every customer gets just what they need in record time. Our moving experts are here to help in whatever way you need, so make sure to reach out to us today. And, before you do, we invite you to get a moving quote from our company, completely free of charge.

Perfect experience...

New Leaf Moving Group completed my move to Palm Beach County without any issues and had a wonderful attitude while doing it. I had a perfect moving experience thanks to them! This must have been one of the best moving companies I have worked with!

Harley Jones

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