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Creative ideas for leftover moving boxes

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    The moving process is simply unthinkable without moving boxes. They are very convenient and can be found in different sizes and shapes depending on their use. However, when you settle in and unpack your new home with professional moving services Boynton Beach, you will need extra space to pack all the boxes. Can you use them even after the move? Another option is to throw them away, recycle them or sell them to get rid of the extra clutter. Maybe you have some creativity in you, so look for ideas for leftover moving boxes. We’re going to give you a treat and tell you that there are so many creative ideas you can do yourself or with your kids. You will have hours of fun and create something to decorate your new space.

    Planter boxes

    Cardboard can be used to make boxes for plants. This is a great way for your boxes to find their unique purpose after a successful moving process with help of moving companies Palm Beach County. You can use it to make balcony planters or for some indoor plants. You can also use the leftover cardboard to grow your plants through composting. Chop the cardboard or tear it into small pieces and use it for compost. If you make balcony planters, be sure to line the inside with plastic bags and drill holes for drainage.

    Kids will have fun coming up with creative ideas for leftover moving boxes.
    A fun project where you make a cardboard tunnel or maze with the kids is one of the creative ideas for leftover moving boxes.

    A tunnel or maze for the kids are fun ideas for leftover moving boxes

    By now, New Leaf Moving Group Florida has expertly and professionally moved your belongings. Now it’s time to have some fun. What is certain is that cardboard boxes are very often a great toy for children. They have wide use in the children’s world. But if you decide to make a tunnel or maze out of moving boxes or both, these are great ideas for leftover moving boxes. Cut out a door on each box and secure it with sturdy plastic ties. Let the kids paint and decorate as they please. Now that’s fun!

    Cat Scratch Board

    As you can imagine, moving to Chicago from Florida has been quite an adventure for your cat. That’s why you want her new home to be as comfortable as possible. Making a scratching post for your pet out of leftover moving boxes is a great idea. Cats like to attach their claws somewhere, but you don’t want to be on the furniture in your new home. The texture of the box is a real challenge for your pet.

    cat in a moving box
    You’ll please your cat with a new scratching post that you make from leftover boxes.

    Storage box

    After moving with the reliable help of long distance moving Florida, storage boxes can come in handy. With a little effort and skill, it won’t look like moving boxes at all. Get the materials you need:

    Glue the chosen fabric to the cardboard box, then attach the screws to each corner of the box. The screws will be decorative on your box. Finally, use the screws to secure the belt in place. Your boxes will find a new application with one of these creative ideas for leftover moving boxes.

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