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Best Colleges in Florida for Out-of-State Students

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Florida is one of the favorite states among the young population. But it’s also a favorite for students from other states. When we talk about colleges in Florida, what you must know is that it isn’t easy to become a student in this state. But the advantage of studying in Florida is the lower cost of living, as well as lower tuition fees. So, if you are also planning to enroll in college in Florida, then stay here. In the following, we will introduce you to the best colleges in Florida, and reveal all the benefits that this state can offer you. Also, our New Leaf Moving Group Florida is at your disposal and offers you superior services for your move. And now, let’s find the ideal college for you!

Everything you need to know about studying in Florida

The Florida College System strives to provide quality education to all who wish to continue their education after high school. Also, the goal of Florida’s education system is to provide all students with associate’s and bachelor’s degrees and thus meet the state’s employment needs. According to OPPAGA data, this educational system includes 28 institutions and 72 campuses throughout the state. This group includes public higher education institutions that provide students with two-year and four-year diplomas. So, if you want to move there, organize everything for long distance moving Florida, and enjoy college life.

A student reading a book
The Florida College System offers you the best opportunities for studying, even for out-of-state students.

If you come from another state, it will not be a problem for you to enroll in one of the colleges in Florida. However, there are conditions for that. Regardless of which of Florida’s 12 public universities you want to enroll in, you need to submit ACT or SAT scores. The grades on these entrance exams are usually very important, but they are also higher for students from wealthier families. Also, an interesting fact is that 80.9 of all students were residents of this state. At the same time, 95.1% come from the USA. Also, students from more than 130 countries study in Florida, which accounts for 4.8% of enrolled students.

Private colleges in Florida

There is a group of people who believe that private education is better and of higher quality than free, state education. When it comes to Florida, is among the 100 states with the best education in the world. And currently,  there are 55 private colleges in Florida, and 30 of which are non-profit educational institutions. All of them are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

The best private colleges in Florida:

  • The University of Miami
  • Florida Tech
  • Embry Riddle
  • Full Sail
  • Florida National
  • Southwest Florida
  • Stetson and Chamberlain
Miami Florida, the location of some of the best colleges in Florida
Florida isn’t only a favorite state because of the good study opportunities, but also because of the entertainment and attractions it offers.

Everyone is welcome at private colleges. When it comes to private universities, it’s important to explain why they are considered a better option for education. This is most often due to the fact that they are ranked higher in relation to public institutions and because they employ more prominent professors. Also, another reason is that private colleges can offer significant financial aid. Also, it’s important to note that interstate moving companies Florida is at your disposal if you decide to study in Florida. So, first, choose your college and then call us!

Public colleges in Florida

While a part of the population relies on private education, there is still a larger percentage of those who decide to go to public colleges. Florida offers 40 public colleges and universities that offer you a large number of programs and many opportunities for education. These 40 also include colleges that are part of the Florida College System. One of the advantages of attending a public college is the more affordable cost of education because they receive state and federal funding. But, in addition, public colleges offer more opportunities as well as more academic programs.

The best public colleges in Florida are:

  • University of Florida
  • Florida State University
  • The University of Central Florida
  • The University of Florida-Online
  • University of South Florida
  • The University of West Florida
  • Florida International University
Students in Florida living together
Don’t forget that student life is the best period in every person’s life and choose one of the best colleges in Florida

Boynton Beach is one of the more affordable places in Florida for students. If you decide on housing, according to data from, it will be around $2269 with rent. Another advantage of this place is that it’s located near some of the best public colleges in Florida, such as Florida Atlantic University and Everglades University. Our movers Boynton Beach revealed to us that these are some of the main reasons why students choose this city.

Student life in Florida

In addition to being informed about the best colleges in Florida for you, it’s desirable to be informed about student life in Florida. What is interesting is that young people, i.e. students, really like this state. Because besides offering them a good and quality education, where they can find a lot of entertainment such as nightclubs, beaches, outdoor activities, and many other attractions. And those are especially interesting for out-of-state students.

Places where students can meet many friends are the Main Campus Fields, Rec SportsPlex or Westside Courts. But you can also participate in 50 international and club sports. Depending on your interests. Also, you can have fun on the beaches, sailing, diving, swimming, or playing beach volleyball. Boynton Beach is also a place that offers students many activities beyond visiting the Arthur R. National Wildlife Refuge, or visit the Boynton Beach Arts and Culture Center.

Think and choose one of the best colleges in Florida for you!

Education is one of the most important things in your life. Just as choosing one of the best colleges in Florida implies the most important life decision. Because your life and career will depend on this decision. Think carefully about what attracts you, what you want to explore and learn, and what you want to become. After that, make a final decision, but also look after all the opportunities that are offered to you after college. Because that’s the only way you’ll know that you’ve made the right decision for yourself. And after you decide, know that moving services Boynton Beach are at your disposal. Good luck in your new student life!



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