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6 things to know before hiring long distance house movers in Florida

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You need to know that moving from Florida to California is not an easy thing to do. You have to be sure that every single thing is in place and that you’re ready to plan and figure things out for a good relocation. While you read all these articles, guides, and tips, you may feel a little down because of the big amount of work that awaits you. However, for an efficient and safe move, you should know these 6 things to know before hiring long distance house movers in Florida. Perhaps the easiest thing to do would be to hire New Leaf Moving Group to take care of your move. But what makes a moving company such as ours a good one? Here are some of the most crucial things you need to know.

Know your moving company and how to research it

First things first, look up a couple of movers by going through their websites, as well as other ones. Ratings and reviews can often be very helpful. There are also several questions that need answering. How long will the trip be? How many items do you have? What services do you need? The best place to start (re)searching is on the internet. However, referrals from friends, family, and coworkers can also be a great help. You must have a few people on your mind who have hired movers in the past and used their services. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them and ask about their experiences and opinions. Who knows, your friend or colleague might just recommend New Leaf Moving Group to you!

one of the many long distance house movers in Florida
Make sure to talk to do research before hiring your movers.

Be careful when you look for reviews, though. There are times when even a highly rated, reputable company will have negative reviews. There are also times when someone can have a good experience with a company that has very little to no presence on the web. For the most part, people look at reviews before hiring a person or company, before buying stuff, or before using some sort of service. The general rule is to do the same thing when you want to hire one of the many moving companies Boynton Beach Florida has to offer. Usually, a company’s website will have reviews left by past clients on it. 

Before you hire long distance house movers in Florida, know your budget and what services you need

The most important thing before you hire a company to move your house long distance is to know your budget! It can make the whole process so easy and fast. There’s no pressure: you don’t have to tell your movers your budget right away, but always keep the digits in mind. One more thing you should note is comparing several moving companies and their prices. Don’t settle for the company that fits into your budget right away, but don’t go for lowball offers, either. We will elaborate on this moving tip later. In general, you want to get the most out of your movers for your price. When you compare companies’ estimates, you’ll see which has the best offer for the budget you have in mind.

mover closing a box
Many long distance house movers in Florida can offer lots of services for your move.

Many long distance movers Boca Raton FL has to offer let their clients choose the services they need. They will offer many of their services to make sure your move goes efficiently. Services can be very broad to very specific: from residential or interstate movers to piano movers and poll table movers… As long as you search for the right movers, you will find what you need. The good thing about pro movers is that, by chipping in a little more money, they can do all the work for you. They can pack all of your things using their special, high-quality packing materials. After they finish packing, they can load up all of your stuff int0 their vehicles… The possibilities are endless when it comes to moving services.

Two more things to know: licensed movers and rogue movers

And now, we must talk about the worst movers of them all: rogue movers. For your relocation to go well, you must look for and hire only legit cross country movers Florida has, only if they have a license. Make sure that your moving company can be trusted and that it’ll complete the move without any surprise fees and such. Rogue movers will ruin your relocation and cause nothing but trouble. The following signs will help you when you need to make sure if you’re dealing with rogue movers or not:

letter cubes spelling scam alert
These are the most common signs shown in rogue movers!
  • They give out estimates over the phone.
  • They ask for a cash payment upfront.
  • There is no contract to sign.
  • When browsing the moving company’s website, some key info will be missing, such as a physical address.
  • Certain kinds of behavior can also indicate that you’re dealing with rogue movers, such as excessive swearing or overall rude behavior.

There is, however, more to know about long distance house movers in Florida

To say that there are only 6 things to know before hiring long distance house movers in Florida is inaccurate. There are so many tidbits and details to look into, but these ones are the most important ones. So, what have we learned from today’s post? Hiring good movers is an absolute must if you want your move to go smoothly. To hire good, reputable Florida movers like New Leaf Moving Group is to have half of the job done. What are you waiting for, go to our website and get a free moving estimate today! Many of our past happy clients have left reviews showing why they chose us and why it was a great decision, and we’d love it if you became one of them!

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