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6 Common moving mistakes you should avoid

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Moving always seems like a daunting task. All the preparation, budgeting, and organization needed for it usually cause much stress and discomfort to both individuals and families. As with everything in life, there are things you should definitely take into account when embarking on such a decisive step. In an effort to make things as easy and as stress-free as possible for you, here is a list of the most common moving mistakes you should avoid. Having said that, if you happen to come from some place in Palm Beach County, make sure you check out moving companies Palm Beach County is proud of and learn how to avoid these errors.

What are the 6 common moving mistakes you should avoid?

Here,  you’ll be able to learn about the following common mistakes:

  • Thinking you don’t need a moving company to help you
  • Not writing a checklist – one of the most frequent moving mistakes you should avoid
  • Failing to get appropriate insurance 
  • Not doing proper research for finding a good moving company
  • Forgetting to cancel utilities
  • Not disposing of unnecessary belongings

Enlisting a moving company in helping you move efficiently

It sometimes might seem more cost-effective, easier, and less of a hassle to conduct your moving operation yourself. However, in reality, it turns out that people end up regretting this move when it’s already too late. They either didn’t manage to move all their stuff in a timely manner, their belongings ended up being broken or it simply resulted in being much more expensive and stressful than they could have imagined.

a woman properly packing stuff to demonstrate moving mistakes you should avoid
Finding a good and reliable moving company is absolutely essential to the success of your relocation.

In order to avoid this scenario, it is strongly recommended that you get in touch with a professional moving company and find out about all the potential options in store for your moving procedure. Having said that, moving firms are very flexible and are able to tailor their services according to your needs and your relocation schedule. If you’d like to learn more about Florida relocation companies, exploring the possibilities is strongly suggested.

Lack of checklists – one of the most frequent moving mistakes you should avoid

Having checklists is a golden rule when deciding to move. They can literally make a difference between a successful and well-executed relocation and an incomplete and chaotic residential transfer. You should start with your most important belongings, such as documents, personal attire, as well as jewelry. As you slowly progress, start moving on to bigger things, such as boxes, furniture, and other things.

Subsequently, you will find that your entire list of belongings is complete and you will have a more controlled grasp of how the relocation process is developing. Checklists are one thing, but it also might be worth seeing if professional packing services are something you might require. In addition to featuring encompassing estimates, professionals will also see to it that your things are packed, categorized, stored, and transported safely.

Not sure if you’re insured?

If you’re embarking on interstate relocation, you should certainly look into the options of what type of insurance you can get. In case there is a breach of the physical integrity of your property (in case of mishandling or accidents). As of now, according to federal regulations, companies have to offer full-value protection and released-value protection to potential clients. This means that the latter enables the insurance of your belongings at a rate of 60 cents per pound, whilst the first option allows for the individual to make their own cost assessment of their things. However, this does not directly entail financial compensation for one’s items in case you opt for full-value protection. Instead, it is customary for the individual to get an item of equal value as a form of compensation.

A note, calculator with dollars underneath.
Not canceling your utilities in time can drain quite a lot of your personal time and money.

Not doing proper research for finding a good moving company

Many people usually think that phoning the first company you see online is the way to go. Finding the right company actually takes a lot of research as to what exact service you want or need most. When looking up companies that you think can help with your moving, you should focus on how their services are described online. Look at an example of a good home relocation services and decide if that’s what you need. It might also be worth asking your friends for their experiences with moving and tips on how they found their moving company. Hopefully, after learning about it, you will definitely avoid these moving mistakes.

Forgetting to cancel utilities and change your address

Among the most frequent problems while people are moving is that often there is unfinished business in their former house/apartment. For example, people forget to cancel utilities and so continue to receive bills from their old address. Therefore, it’s very important to cancel them as soon as you’re out. Officially changing your address is also crucial since everything else will have to be serviced at a different address. These two things definitely constitute some of the most common moving mistakes you should avoid.

Not disposing of unnecessary belongings

During every relocation, there is always stuff that, let’s face it, nobody in the household needs. Should you throw it away? No way! There are plenty of ways you can make it useful for other people. Donating it to charity is a good idea and the people receiving the aid will be very grateful for it. Not only that, but you’ll be reducing your ecological imprint, as the belongings will be used by someone else. In order to avoid moving mistakes like this, here’s a quick guide on how you can donate your stuff to charity.

Disposing of unnecessary belongings
Throwing away your unnecessary belongings might not be the best idea.

Finally, to sum, be cautious and definitely make use of this guide. It’ll surely help you in finding out more about how to properly prepare and how to be aware of some of the moving mistakes you should avoid.  

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