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5 of the most common items found in storage units

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Millions of people relocate every day in order to start a new and better life. Moving to a new location is a challenging and stressful task. If you want to make your move much less stressful, we recommend that you hire a reliable and compassionate moving company. When moving from Florida to Boston, or anywhere else, we are at your service whenever you need us. We provide a full range of services, anything from local and long-distance moving to packing and storage services. Many people pick us as we provide storage services with the highest degree of security and protection. Many different items found in storage units are valuable customers’ belongings. Therefore, we do our best to keep them safe for you no matter how long you’re planning to store them.

Rent a storage unit

No matter if you are relocating or just planning to declutter your home, a storage unit will save you from chaos. Many of us don’t want to dispose of times that we don’t need anymore as they emotionally mean a lot to us. And as a result, one day we end up with tons of useless items that make our homes messy and dirty. On the other hand, if you are executing a long-distance move, a storage unit is ideal to store things that you don’t want to be in your new home. Long distance movers Florida will meet all and you can be sure that you and all your belongings will arrive smoothly.

a person in a messy room
Well organized and clutter-free home is halfway to success.

Common items found in storage units

A storage unit is a place where you can store almost anything. Starting with bulky items to some tiny belongings, you can be sure all your items are perfectly protected and well-cared by cross country movers Florida.

Seasonal items

Primarily, a storage unit is for seasonal things. If you have something that you need from time to time and don’t want to keep it at home, simply put it in storage. These items include Christmas decorations, beach equipment, hiking and camping equipment, etc. We all know that those little Christmas ornaments and tinsels are a pain in the neck since they require a lot of space to store and are very fragile. Also, if you love camping and hiking, you surely have a lot of different hiking boots, backpacks, tents, folding chairs. These items take a lot of space and it’s best to store them in a dry and dark room. So, these belongings are frequently found in storage units as they are used seasonally.

christmas balls
Remember to declutter your home by moving seasonal items to a storage unit.

Electronic devices

Electonic devices, found in storage units, include some old TVs and old gramophones with vinyl. Also, big stereo sound systems and mixers are frequently stored in a storage unit. Keep in mind that those items have to be stored in a controlled environment. Electronic devices have to be kept in dry and well-ventilated rooms in order to avoid any damages. If you want your electronic devices to be well kept and secured from thieves, call Movers Boynton Beach, and can be sure your valuable devices are perfectly safe.

Books and magazines

Old school books and magazines can make a lot of mess in our house. Since they can have sentimental value to people, throwing away is a big no. A lot of us want to keep books and magazines that we used to read as teenagers. It’s great to evoke memories of past times now and then. So, storing them in a storage unit is the best way to keep all your memories together.


Photos have the most meaningful role in keeping past memories. Before the era of smartphones, people used digital and analog cameras. Since the only way to “share and post” photos was by printing them, people printed almost every photo they had taken. We all have a lot of pics from our early ages that bring us back to our early childhood. As we have these photos only in physical form, storing them securely and safe from fading is a priority. If you need some reliable storage services, New Leaf Moving Group Florida will help you store your memories safely in their modern storage units.

Bulky items

People often store bulky items in a storage unit. It’s very common practice that things like old furniture and shelves are stored there. Furniture can be very emotional things to people. Many want to keep their grandparent’s old sofa bed or vintage rocking chair.

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