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10 Practical tips for a smooth office move across states

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A relocation takes lots of time, effort, and planning. Moving from Florida to California does not have to be difficult, especially if you’re moving your office. It doesn’t take a lot to make your cross-country office move smooth. Because of that, we believe these 10 practical tips for a smooth office move across states will help you. With New Leaf Moving Group, all of your relocations will be a breeze.

The first four practical tips: pay attention to time and organization, don’t stop working, and improvise

Time is important when it comes to moving. Whether you’re moving house or moving your business, time plays a crucial role. It is super important to start planning your relocation early. This is to avoid the many complications that can occur while moving last-minute. Aside from planning your office move, you need to look for reliable cross country movers Florida on time. Look for a moving company on time to be able to get a moving estimate and search for available moving services. You must organize your office move and talk to your movers. If you do so, you will be able to talk about the details of your move.

smooth office move across states worker
To have a smooth office move across states, plan your relocation on time.

Don’t be a victim of poor planning and timing when you’re about to move! Don’t put your business to a stop before the move! You can work and keep your business running even during the process of moving office. There are many ways to keep working even during office relocation.

  • As you start packing your office, you can slowly transition and start working online. Make all of your services and goods available online, unless they already are. 
  • If your business requires you to interact with people, there is a solution. Meet with your clients in person for any services or products that need a delivery.
  • If your business allows it, switch to making your goods available digitally. If somebody needs a paper such as a contract, they can obtain it online.

Pack on time and efficiently for a smooth office move across states

Packing is what sets apart the bad relocations from good ones. If your inventory isn’t packed right, damage and a financial loss are inevitable. Follow these tips below to make your packing efficient. By following these tips, you will pack your office the right way! If you need additional packing materials, you can order materials online.

person packing box with duct tape
Efficient packing means protected inventory and equipment.

Tell everyone to pack their office, use the right materials and pack properly.

Though long distance movers Boca Raton FL offer packing services as well, you might not have the budget for them. This way, everyone can pack their office at the same time, so you can save both money and time. When it comes to packing, you don’t need brand new materials to pack your office. However, you should still be careful. For tech items, such as printers, computers, and such, use their respective boxes! Nothing can keep your PC safe like the box it came from. As for everything else, make sure to properly fill boxes, use enough duct tape and proper containers. Most importantly, label your boxes! This will make unpacking super easy. That being said, you will have to get some of the packing materials. You can buy packing materials everywhere if you need them! The materials you’ll need most are:

  • cardboard boxes,
  • plastic containers,
  • box fillings (peanuts, styrofoam, etc.),
  • duct tape,
  • paper and markers for labels, etc.

Tips number 7 & 8 for a smooth office move across states: update your address and keep your clients updated

As the move draws closer, it’s time to start updating your info. If you have a website, update the office address on it. Do the same for any social media accounts your business has. Also, order new visit cards, brochures, envelopes, letterheads, and such before you move your office. Don’t forget to keep your clients posted. It will take time to move with one of your chosen moving companies Boynton Beach Florida, but you know what they say. It’s now or never, so you better notify your clients about your relocation as soon as possible. Before the move, your clients need to know the whereabouts of your new office, especially if they deliver goods to you. You don’t want any misunderstandings or delayed deliveries to get in the way of your work after moving. This also partially belongs to the “planning and timing your office move” category,  but requires more preparations and such. This is why we put it as a separate tip. 

Number 9 & 10: move managers and schedules

You can plan the whole relocation all by yourself. However, you might need help. This is why you should appoint a moving manager. The moving manager should be a person with good organizational skills. It can also be someone who has past experience with office relocation. You can even have multiple managers. This will help remove all the pressure from one person. Also, make sure to have schedules and plans for easier relocation. Set the date for the move, track the packing process, important events, meetings, etc. Also, make sure to give the “move managers” a little raise or additional pay after the move is over. If you want to commemorate the successful relocation with everyone, you can throw an office party as well. It is a nice way to unwind, relax and reflect. 

office workers having a party
After the office move is over, you can throw a party to celebrate.

You will make it through this office move

Trust us, moving the office is not as difficult as people say. With the right approach, methods, and planning, every relocation can be easy and stress-free. With these 10 practical tips for a smooth office move across states, your office will be moved in no time, with no troubles whatsoever. Aside from these tips, know that you are making the right choice by choosing New Leaf Moving Group commercial movers. 

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